Adjust your paper airplanes - part 2

Now, I'm going to write about horizontal deviation. When your paper airplane turns right or left, do as the diagram to the left indicates. The plane will turn towards the direction where you will turn the body. The plane of the diagram will turn right. So, if your paper airplane turns right, turn the body towards left and vice versa. I have also found out that if you bent one wing towards up (see "Adjust your paper airplane - part 1"), the paper airplane will turn towards that wing's direction.

That's it for now. If there is a point that I didn't cover, don't hesitate to leave a comment.

Adjusting your paper airplane - Part 1

Does your paper airplane have flying problems? There are some ways to solve the problem. Here, I'm going to write about the vertical deviation.

The airplane turns upwards. To fix this, bend both wings towards down, as indicated in dig. 1.
Problem: The airplane turns downwards. To fix this, bend both wings towards up, as indicated in dig. 2.

I have also figured out that folding both wings towards up so that the airplane has a "Y" shape works quite well.
In the next part of this mini article, I'm going to write about horizontal deviation.

Paper airplane ideas

Welcome to my blog, paper airplane ideas. Here, I will give instructions to construct various styles of paper airplanes.

So here is the first design that I'm posting. This paper airplane is a glider that flies best indoors. Outdoors, the wind will blow it
out of its path very easily.

Pros: It is easy to adjust.
You can throw it as hard as you like.
It looks good.

Cons: There is one tricky fold in it (step 5).
Tips: Right after you make it, it might go upwards. To fix this, bend its wings towards down and you're set.
That's it for now. Hopefully I'll post more designs of paper airplanes in the future.

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