A Couple of Kerikeri Locals

Kerikeri Airport was very quiet when I visited on 27 December. I walked across to the homebuilders hangars on the far side of the field - there are about a dozen hangars there - but they were all shut up. You can look through the cracks in most of the hangar doors and there were a few sport aircraft that I would have liked to have photographed.

I was just walking back when Rae McNally showed up to run the motor of his Zenair CH 701 ZK-JRM so I hopped onto the back of his ute and drove back to his hangar. This was one of the planes I wanted to photograph which was great. ZK-JRM was first registered on 7/12/06.
Then Fred Courtney turned up and also pulled his Zenith CH 601-HDS ZK-SWB out of the hangar for some maintenance. This is one of 2 CH 601-HDS models in New Zealand, which feature a different wing having a straight centre section and tapered outer panels with quite a bit of dihedral (New Zealand's other CH 601-HDS model is ZK-DBZ) - this produces a higher cruising speed. You can see the different shape of the wing in the photo. ZK-SWB was first registered in New Zealand on 12/1/04 and is ex N447WB.


Dubrovnik, Croatia
Happy New 2010! In hope that 2010 will bring the EX-YU aviation world more success.

Sretna nova godina
Srećna nova godina
Срећна нова година
Среќна нова година
Srečno novo leto

Visit tomorrow for an analysis of the year that was and from January 3 all the latest news

Diamonds are ......................

Curtis Aviation (NSW) Diamond DA40XLS VH-DIV arrived at Auckland from Norfolk Island on 31Dec. I suspect it is most likely here for the purposes of demonstrations and a neat article can be found at http://www.aviationadvertiser.com.au/2009/11/diamond%E2%80%99s-da40-what-a-gem/. The Diamond had flown from its Camden home direct to Lord Howe and onto Norfolk Island the previous day.

If anyone happens upon this visiting their local airfield I'd appreciate an email at mikeskj@xtra.co.nz

Say, where are you headed??

Departing from Kerikeri on the last day of 2009 for Norfolk Island were a couple of Waikato residents, namely Roko Aero NG4-ML ZK-SAY and Cessna 172M ZK-DXO. Both aircraft have since departed for Lord Howe Island. Hopefully they are just heading off on vacation to the West Island!

ZK-SAY on display at Ardmore in February 2009

Hangin' In The Mall - A Fable For 2010

Once upon a time, there was a purveyor of flying machines and a trainer of pilots in the great kingdom of Texas that wondered why more people hadn't come to fly the Planes of Sport.
"I have an idea," said the Duke of U.S. Aviation Group. "Let us sally forth to the local market mall at the waxing of the moon, and offer Flights of Discovery for one full moon cycle. Only then, if we still have unsatisfactory student numbers, shall we biotcheth and moaneth our dire and hopeless fate."
And so his loyal band of sky serfs and flight vassals transported a Remos GX to a busy mallway, manned the booth with eager promoters night and day, and lo and behold, one moonth later, the Duke was happy to report that 170 Flights of Discovery had been sold, along with 130 leads on partnerships as well as several potential solo purchasers.
The Duke was surprised to learn, after reviewing the comments left by the many good people of the kingdom, that many thought the license to be a Pilot of Sport cost $12,000, rather than the truer number of $4,000.
“We learned...that many people think about aviation, but fail to act on the impulse,” said the Duke (aka Justin Shelley, Director of Aircraft Sales). “By putting an aircraft in their line of sight, they stopped by and engaged in a discussion about licensing or ownership.”
The moral of the tale for the New Year is simple: there is no lack of interest or willingness in the desire to gaze upon the kingdom from lofty heights - only a dearth of imagination in how to bring that vision to the people.
Happy New Year to all, and may the vision of flight inspire you to new heights in 2010!
---photo courtesy Sir James, Knight of Olde Chatham

Is it a CUB? Is it a CUBy?...........

....No! It is a Light Miniature Aircraft LM-5X-W 100% scale replica of a Cub made from wood!

On my way back from Paihia I called into Onerahi. Nothing much was happening except the Northern Microlight Club guys were boiling the jug so I stopped for a coffee. In their hangar were 2 Technams, an Alpi 200, a Fly Synthesis Storch, and this Cub in the back of the hangar that wore a registration that I was not familiar with. I enquired about it and found to my surprise that it was a homebuilt Class 2 microlight!

ZK-CVB was built by John Belcher of Whangarei over a 12 year period and as you can see is ready for test flying. John has installed an 0-200 engine so it should go well, and he has also tried to make it look like a Cub with an authentic colour scheme (except I think that not many New Zealand Cub's wore this scheme? - it was more in the Pawnee era).

John tells me that he is interested in syndicating the aircraft so if you want to fly a microlight Cub, contact him.

I guess the registration is a Roman style version of CUB as ZK-CUB is already taken (by a LMA LM-1U Cub replica that is a smaller scale single seater).

Happy New Year to you all - lets get more contributors in 2010!

Drama in the sky

Close encounter with Air France
Two passenger jets nearly collided over Belgrade on Monday, Serbian air traffic authorities said yesterday. The Directorate for Civil Aviation said an Air France Airbus A318 and an Israeli El-Al Boeing B777 came within 213 meters of each before the French airliner stopped descending under orders from Serbian air controllers. The statement said an investigation has shown that the French jet was on an unauthorized flight course. It said the airliner was instructed to fly at 35.000 feet but was 300 feet further down toward the Israeli jet, which was flying at 34.000 feet.

Asked for its comment on Wednesday, Air France only said that "the pilots reacted to a proximity alert", applying the necessary procedures, and "the flight continued normally." A press official refused to answer questions, including the number of passengers the Airbus was carrying on its flight from Paris to Sofia, Bulgaria. In Israel, an El-Al spokesman Ran Rahav confirmed that Flight 007 from Tel Aviv to New York, carrying 120 passengers, lowered its altitude over Belgrade to avoid an Air France aircraft, which, he said, had been given mistaken instructions by an air traffic controller. "At no time was there a danger to the passengers, the crew or the plane", Rahav said in a statement.

After a swift investigation The Serbian Civil Aviation Directorate confirmed that the Air France pilot was at fault. It has been a week of drama in the Serbian skies as 3 emergency landings took place at Belgrade. Two Turkish charter airlines had to make an emergency landing at the Serbian capital after the first reported pressurization problems and the second had an ill passenger on board who was proclaimed dead upon landing. Furthermore an Air Berlin jet also made an emergency landing after one of its passengers was reported ill.

Salt Air Craft Peppered Across Northland

Following my previous post showing Salt Air's Grand Caravan ZK-MJL at the Southern end of their Kerikeri to North Shore route, here is their Gippsland GA 8 Airvan ZK-MAB taxying in at the Northern terminus at Kerikeri on 27 December. This Airvan was registered to Salt Air on 6/11/08 and is ex VH-BQY.
Meanwhile over at Paihia on 29 December was Robinson R 44 11 ZK-HGM with a Christmas season backdrop, flying into the Salt Air helipad. This helicopter was kept very busy ferrying people in and out of Paihia and around the Bay of Islands. ZK-HGM was registered to Salt Air on 13/12 07 and is ex N442RB.

And finally, back at Kerikeri was Bell 206B Jetranger ZK-HFE parked beside a monsoon bucket. This aircraft was purchased by Salt Air on 23/2/07 and is ex JA9752.
These 3 aircraft plus the Grand Caravan make up the current fleet of Salt Air Ltd.

Euro Eco Meet

Here's one of those great events that bring out garage geniuses and newtechies alike - and in time lead to entire new industries: the Eco-Marathon Ulm.
Think of this event/competition as a call to young designers and engineers to craft minimally-fueled flying machines. Brings to mind the European aviation meets of a century ago, where passionate tinkerers and leading-edge technical thinkers gathered to show their flying machines and inspire each other to keep pushing all the envelopes.
The happening invites everyone with prototypes or modified production models of European-standard microlight aircraft.
The competition features a GPS-tracked course with measurement of fuel usage at the goal. The skimpiest sipper of fuel for the rectangular 2000 meter x 250 meter course, to be flown three times consecutively at Vichy, France, will be the winner.
A plethora of energy sources is allowed for in the rules: Unleaded fuel, Liquefied petroleum, gas to liquid, hydrogen (!), pressurized air (!!), solar, battery, hybrid (gas engine/electric motor). Wot a hoot!
The Eco Marathon Ulm Association is a "major educational project" aimed at fostering innovation in aviation fuel efficiency and helping young aeronautical whizbrains discover their career tracks.
BTW: the aircraft pictured are the Woopy and the Pipistrel.
---photos courtesy Eco Marathon ULM

The Shape of Things To Come

Things we'll be watching for in 2010:

The Cessna SkyCatcher entering local skies nationwide. (Company CEO's wife, Mrs. Jack Pelton, just took delivery of the first production model last week.

Further development of the Icon A5, slated for market in 2011.

The MySky MS-1 Mentor all-composite, fighter-style LSA . First delivery targeted for Nov 2010.

More exciting buzz (sorry) around electric flight, including this new company:
Bye Energy, a Colorado company founded to develop alternative aviation energy sources (renewable biofuels and electric aircraft propulsion systems)- which linked up recently with Vertical Power, Inc., maker of solid-state electrical systems for experimental aircraft.
The stated purpose in their MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) is to develop a practical, efficient, light-weight EHPS, (Electric Hybrid Propulsion System).
Initial focus for the companies: experimental and light sport aircraft, with a long-range target of certified aircraft and (of course) military applications.
No pix or drawings yet, but this visionary statement of purpose on the website caught my eye:
"Bye Energy's research...(concludes) that ...battery units combined with a highly efficient electric motor is the most adaptable solution for aviation utility. Battery technology...has advanced considerably over the past 10 years...and...has now matured enough to provide adequate energy to meet the requirements of a typical internal combustion powered aircraft."
Now that's an electrifying (groan) manifesto, skychicks and bros.

Zagreb surpasses 2 million mark

2 millionth passenger at Zagreb Airport
On December 22, 2009 Zagreb Airport handled its 2 millionth passenger of the year. This number has been reached 20 days later than last year as passenger numbers have declined by almost 6% compared to 2008. The passenger, Haris Alodbašić, who was preparing to board an Air France flight bound for Paris, received a 200 Euro voucher that he can use at the airport’s duty-free shops. Air France also gave the passenger a round-trip ticket for flights between any two of its European destinations.

Zagreb Airport welcomed its 1 millionth passenger this year on July 9, which was 8 days later than last year. The airport management claims, however, that the passenger decline is less than the average being recorded across European airports, which amounts to 7.2%.

Zagreb Airport’s terminal has the capacity to handle 2 million passengers annually. The airport has managed to surpass this number for a second year in a row. In 2008, Zagreb handled 2.192.453 passengers. In passenger terms, Zagreb Airport will once again be in second place when it comes to the EX-YU, behind Belgrade, but ahead of Ljubljana.

Hamilton 28Dec

Parked nears its place of birth was FUGRO's Cresco VH-KPY currently on deployment to NZ on survey work. This machine started its life 12 years ago as ZK-KPY operating in Western Australia and shortly after its arrival became VH-KPY. It has since seen service in a number of locations around the world.

First registered in 1977, FU24 Fletcher ZK-EGW was parked with a gaggle of other similar machines at Super Air. I've not spied this particular machine before, however I see it was blogged by Blue Bus in February this year : http://design-plane.blogspot.com/2009/02/some-fletcher-family-shots.html

Registered to interests in Otorohanga, Zenith CH601XL ZK-JRL is seen here snuggled amongst the hangers.

A long way from home was Mainland Air's Dunedin based Cessna 152 ZK-NSM/3 which arrived on the NZ register this year.

Cheap aircraft

I have read this report before, but it still remains quite interesting, it is about the FMX-4 Facetmobile: http://www.wainfan.com/pavreport.pdf

Montenegro to set up Niš airline

Montenegro spreads its wings
Montenegro Airlines has given up trying to secure a license to operate flights between the Serbian city of Niš and Zurich. Even though the airline received necessary licenses from Serbian authorise, their Swiss counterparts refused to do the same. Despite this setback, the Montenegrin national carrier will go ahead with the planed 2 weekly Podgorica – Niš service operated by the airline’s Fokker F100. After establishing flights from Niš to Zurich, Montenegro Airlines hoped to commence services between Niš and Paris and Budapest.

Montenegro Airlines is now planning to create an airline which would be registered in Serbia and based at Niš Constantine the Great Airport, using 1 aircraft. The airline already tried to do the same in 2006 when it infamously set up Master Airways in hope of reinstating flights from Niš and Belgrade to Zurich, which it lost rights to when the state union of Serbia and Montenegro dissolved and Montenegro Airlines was considered a foreign airline in Serbia’s skies. In 2009, a Montenegrin court accused the CEO’s of Montenegro Airlines and Master Airways of corruption concerning illegally leased aircraft.

Nevertheless, the city of Niš supports Montenegro Airlines’ future plans. The new airline is expected to be set up by the 2010 summer season which begins in late March. Registering and starting up an airline in Serbia would allow it to operate flights out of Belgrade as well.

Recently, the low cost Italian airline Wind Jet began flights from Forli to Niš. It is the only airline currently serving the airport which has the capacity to handle 100.000 passengers per year.

Winter Ops

I'm sitting at my desk, gloom and doom outside the window as the snow flakes fall, wishing I had one of these: a Legend SkiCub.
I confess I succumbed to a nostalgic moment, remembering the wonderful trip I had with Darrin Hart and the boys from the Legend factory in Texas down to Sun 'n Fun in Florida a couple years back. Wish I had a Cub nearby on skis, because right now, that's a stylin' way to go.
Glad to see Legend's hanging in there through the tough economy.

Mat secures aircraft

Mat Airways will be using former MAT B737-500
The new MAT under the name Mat Airways, headed by the Serbian tour operator Kontiki Travel, will be using the Boeing B737-500 previously operated by Macedonia’s grounded national carrier. Since the airline’s demise the aircraft has been in Belgrade and is now being repainted. The news was revealed last week at the opening of the first Kontiki Travel office in Skopje. Its Macedonian branch is named Kontiki Sky. The initial investment Kontiki has made in Macedonia amounts to 5 million dollars. For the time being, anyone who wishes to travel with this agency from Macedonia will receive free transportation to Belgrade and from there will travel to their desired destination. This will change in late March when Mat Arways is expected to be launched from Skopje. However, the airline must first be granted a license by Macedonia’s Civil Aviation Directorate (ACV). Ironically, the Boeing the new Mat will be using was grounded by the ACV due to security reasons and even after repairs in Belgrade was not given authorisation to fly. Without any new repairs done to the aircraft in the meantime, it will be interesting to see whether the ACV looks the other way.

Mat Arways will not only be taking over the MAT brand and employees but also former CEO Živko Gruevski, who is heading the project from the shadows. Mat Airways will at first offer charter flights to popular holiday destinations in Egypt and Spain. Later it will introduce scheduled flights.

Cessna 185D ZK-CKP comes to town.

A rare sighting (by me anyway) is the Cessna 185D Skywagon ZK-CKP (c/n 185D-0796) from Otematata Station [in the Waitaki Valley - near Lake Benmore].
From March of 1965 until December of 1987 this aircraft served with Mount Cook Air Services; Mount Cook Airlines; Mount Cook & Southern Lakes Tourist Co Ltd and the Mount Cook Group. It went to Hugh Cameron at Otematata Station on 17-12-1987.
Seen above at Christchurch on December the 22nd.

The Robinson R33

Profit for Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Airport passenger terminal
Dubrovnik Airport is set to end the year with a profit of 2.7 million Euros indicating that the airport has not been financially hit by the global recession. Airport boss Roko Tolić told the Croatian Times that he was "satisfied" with the results, bearing in mind the period of economic decline. He is expecting a 2% rise in passenger numbers next year, mainly due to the opening of the airport's much anticipated new terminal which will make it the largest in Croatia, ahead of Zagreb.

The terminal, whose construction cost amounted to approximately 22 million Euros, is expected to bring the total number of visitors up to almost 1.2 million. Airlines with a strong presence at Dubrovnik Airport include Croatia Airlines, British Airways and easyJet, with the most travellers arriving from Britain. EasyJet has linked Dubrovnik with six European resorts in 2009, while the airport is also in negotiations with Ryanair to open routes.

From January to December this year the airport recorded a 5.6% passenger decline when compared to last year. By December the airport handled 1.091.079 passengers.

No Trouble In Paradise

Paradise USA just marked the 10th Anniversary of its P1 design with some positive and encouraging signs for the industry:
* The Paradise P1, which I did a story on this year, is now certified in the U.S., Brazil (it's home company has a new 75,000 sq. ft. factory there), Australia and South Africa.* My story in the mag focused on Dylan Redd, who flies a specially-modified P1 with hand controls for paraplegic pilots.
* The Sebring-based U.S. arm of the company markets the P1, an excellent SLSA that's based on a four-seat design, so for one thing it's got a lot of room behind the seats for baggage, something that's not that common for the industry.
* Paradise has designed and marketed eight different aircraft since 1985.
Here's a big congrats to Chris and crew and best wishes for another 10 years of successful LSA design and marketing.
---photo courtesy Paradise USA

Turbine day at Timaru

Earlier in the month - December 7th 2009 - I called through Timaru and found three single engined turboprops at AviationTeknology (AVTEK) plus the regular airline Beech 1900D. A real P&W PT6 day.
Cessna 208 Caravan ZK-PMT (c/n 20800183) was indulging in a "tug o war" with a fork lift when I arrived. Neither party seemed to gain any ground. This is the Skydive Tandem Ltds machine and is based at Pudding Hill at the base of Mount Hutt. I've never had the courage to ask why it was registered as PMT !
One third of the NZ Air Tractor population was on site. Mackenzie Aviations AT-502B ZK-MAA (c/n 502B-2579)[from Gore] was parked out following servicing and tucked away in AVTEK's hangar was the Air Tractor AT-402B ZK-SAT (c/n 402B-0990) of Skyfarmers from near Methven. (no pic today).

Jat sale tops 11.000

Jat’s new campaign a success
Jat’s discounted ticket sale entitled “Europe for all of us” is doing extremely well according to the airline. Serbia’s national carrier has managed to sell 10.613 tickets by December 23. The discounted fares to 19 European destinations amount to 19 Euros (one way with no taxes included). The airline extended the ticket sale and says that its goal is to fill its cabins to the last seat as more discounted fares are available. The current average occupancy index on Jat’s flights amount to 61% although this could increase for the months of December and January due to the promotional fares. The ticket sale began on December 1 when it was officially announced that from December 19 the citizens of Serbia would no longer need visas for travel to Schengen Zone countries. The sale will last until January 12, 2010 or until all available seats are sold.

This late rush of sales could help Jat which has had a bad year in passenger terms. The airline’s passenger numbers decreased on average by 20% each month of this year when compared to 2008. Meanwhile, Serbia’s infrastructure minister announced that the Government will work hard to find the airline a strategic partner in 2010 and will continue to help the airline in its restructuring process. On Thursday it was announced that the airline’s agricultural aviation sector has been separated from the Serbian carrier and will, from now, be controlled directly by the Serbian Government which will, it is believed, decrease the airline’s losses.

Wet visit to Mount Cook

Rain, thunder, lightning and gale force winds produced a very lean collection at the Aoraki Mount Cook Skiplanes base on 09-12-2009. There was nothing outside at all. I did manage to get the above grotty pic of the Aerospatiale AS350B2 ZK-IHW (c/n 2816) in the Aoraki Mount Cook Skiplanes scheme. This is operated in conjunction with Heliworks of Queenstown. A second AS350 is availabe for the busier periods.

One snip of info is that the Company hack Cessna 180C ZK-BYJ (c/n 50908) is soon to start up from Alex Millers airstrip at Waiho near Franz Josef in a parachute dropping role. Pilot will be Gary Craig.
The pic of ZK-BYJ below was taken at the Pukaki/Twizel strip on 20-01-06. It is equiped with special tracking receivers. From memory they were tracking tagged Kiwi's (of the Apteryx - not the Homo Sapien variety).


Ljubljana, Slovenia
To all frequent visitors and guests marking the holiday today, Merry Christmas!

Sretan Božić
Vesel Božić

Since December 25, 2008 until today there have been a total of 367 news items published here at design-plane.blogspot.com

Visit tomorrow for the latest aviation news from the EX-YU!

Gliders spied down south recently.

I popped into Omarama just as the rain had ceased on December the 10th. All the gliders were tucked away in the hangars. Two of interest being shown here.

Above is the recently registered (02-12-09) Schempp-Hirth Ventus 2b ZK-GDR (c/n 14) listed to Sailplane Services of Drury. Its previous US registration of N39EM is still visible on its undercarriage door with the "NB" letters being the US owners competition ID. It has been in NZ for a couple of years now - the top pic was taken at Omarama on 31-12-2007 whilst it was listed on the US register to John Iacobucci of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Its US registration was cancelled on 30-10-09.

Below is the UK registered Schempp-Hirth Ventus 2c G-CHWA (c/n 8). A 1996 production glider, it was listed to Chris Garton as G-CHWA on 27-05-2008 having previously been on the BGA (British Gliding Assoc) register as BGA4251. About two years ago UK gliders began being moved over to the general "G" register, so that now they are listed with the powered aircraft. Chris has been gliding since about 1965 and in a high houred regular Omarama visitor.
On a much brighter day at Alexandra 13-12-2009, the Central Otago Gliding Club was out to play.
Molino PIK20 ZK-GKG (c/n 20067) had just been assembled and was having its duplicate inspection done before being winch launched. I nearly purchased this one in 1993. It has been with John Robinson since June of 1999 - Thats him in the blue overalls.
The Central Otago Clubs trainer is the Grob 103 Twin Astir ZK-GJW (c/n 3009) seen here on short final after a px ride. I wouldn't mind a beer for every circuit that I have done from the back seat of this lovely olde girl.

Schempp-Hirth HS7 Mini Nimbus ZK-GLN.

Lost in an accident on the Orchard Spur, about 12km SSW of Omaka, on December 18th 2009 was the Schempp-Hirth HS7 Mini Nimbus ZK-GLN (c/n 24) sadly along with its pilot.
It was imported into NZ for Frank Gatland of Auckland in November of 1977
Top photo taken at Omarama on 13-11-1990 whilst under the ownership of Mark Aldridge (the block of pine trees in the background has now gone) and the lower photo was also taken at Omarama but on 21-11-1997 whilst listed to D C Patchett of Blenheim. It was registered to the Lima November Syndicate of Omaka on 01-04-2001.

Christmas Eve at North Shore

Late on a lovely Christmas Eve at North Shore Airfield, Vans RV 7 ZK-NVS was doing circuits with its new owner S J Jones.
And Cessna Grand Caravan ZK-MJL arrived operating the the regular Salt Air shuttle from Keri Keri and Whangarei.
Merry Christmas to all. Have a safe holiday season.

Servicing of Oxygen Systems

Before servicing any aircraft with oxygen, consult the specific aircraft service manual to determine the type of equipment required and procedures to be used. Certain precautions should be observed whenever aircraft oxygen systems are to be serviced. Oxygen system servicing should be accomplished only when the aircraft is located outside of the hangars. Personal cleanliness and good housekeeping are imperative when working with oxygen. Oxygen under pressure and petroleum products create spontaneous results when they are brought in contact with each other. Service people should be certain to wash dirt, oil, and grease (including lip salves and hair oil) from their hands before working around oxygen equipment. It is also essential that clothing and tools are free of oil, grease, and dirt. Aircraft with permanently installed oxygen tanks usually require two persons to accomplish servicing of the system. One should be stationed at the service equipment control valves, and the other stationed where he or she can observe the aircraft system pressure gauges. Oxygen system servicing is not recommended during aircraft fueling operations or while other work is performed that could provide a source of ignition. Oxygen system servicing while passengers are on board the aircraft is not recommended.

FK Group Opens 2nd Factory

Two decades of hard work, sharp design and marketing vision, and keeping a high bar for quality production recently brought FK Group, German makers of three European "ultralights", an award from Aerokurier magazine for best manufacturer. FK beat out Remos and other top light sport builders.
The latest good news from the FK 9 MK IV producer, (a lovely ASTM-approved LSA I'm eager to jump a hop in), is the newly completed second factory that will complete the company's goal of producing 100% of its aircraft, from fab to outfitting to painting, all in-house.
A company release praises FK's association with Cirrus, (lamentably in suspension of its own low-wing Polaris LSA project - also manufactured by FK - to marshal efforts on its Vision jet), for the "huge production knowledge" in expanding its facilities.
The company also grew its workforce by 40% this year - and that in a down economy!
I encourage you to check out this company and the FK 9. More than 400 have shipped so far throughout the world - most impressive.
I'm hoping the FK 9 will soon be joined in ASTM certification by its sister ships: the Polaris and the FK 12 Comet, a racy-looking biplane LSA that is back in production in Europe and moving toward ASTM approval.
Keep your eye on these folks. Over 20 years they've built a solid reputation.
---photos courtesy FK Lightplanes

Question time # 84 WHEELS

We have a bunch of wheels for Christmas.
How many can you put an aircraft type on ?
No 1
Correct answer is Stoddard-Hamilton Glastar TD ZK-PCW
No 2
Correct answer from ZK-CKE:- Europa wing tip wheel. Pic above is ZK-UBD. Below is a faired example.
No 3
Correct answer is Bruce Naish Gyro-1 Place ZK-RAU/2.
No 4
Correct answer is Porterfield 35-70 Flyabout ZK-POR.
No 5
Correct answer from Sir Minty:- Zlin 37T

& whats different is that the wheel are mounted on the outside of the u/c oleos etc. All the others in NZ are on the inside.

Anonymous is near enough on this occasion.
No 6
Correct answer is Schleicher ASH26E ZK-GRL.

No 7
Correct answer from ZK-CKE:- Nanchang ZK-PNN .
OOPS ! Thats erroneous.

As pointed out by ANONYMOUS. It is actually the YAK 52. ZK-PNN. Sorry about that - Too much rum in my Christmas pudding.
No 8
Correct answer is Pilatrus PC-6/B1-H2 ZK-PCI. Pic via Andy Heap.
No 9
Correct answer from ZK-CKE:- Wilga ZK-PZN.
No 10 (or No 7A)
Corrected answer from Anonymous:- YAK 52 (as in pic No 7)
No 11
Answer near enough from ZK-CKE:- Rutan Varieze
Pic No 11 sneakily added Xmas Day at 1900hrs.
AND :- What is different about Photo number 5 - when compared with the others of the same type in NZ ?

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