ZK-LEI Winglet-Less

Following on from Question Time #103, ZK-LEI did not always have winglets, as in this photograph taken at Te Kowhai on 12/3/05. It was first registered to Murray Woods of Marton on 6/4/04 and apart from the winglets it hasn't changed much.

Question time # 103 resolved.

Sir Minty got the correct answer - first attempt. [Hmmph obviously too easy !]
It is the Murray Woods Jabiru U/L ZK-LEI , c/n 574 , as spied at Foxpine on 17-02-09.
Top view is a slightly enlarged shot of the QT picture. It shows the Foxpine logo near the top of the fin (thats why I cut it off the clue).

Bottom view is the complete aircraft.

Powered by the 2200cc , 80hp Jabiru engine. Wing span is 9.4m and it has the 0.61m longer fuselage.

Fleet problems for Adria

Too many empty seats on Adria’s A319s
The newspaper “Poslovni dnevnik” has published a critical story on the Slovenian flag carrier Adria Airways calling it a “relic of the past”. In its piece, it also revealed that the airline is having difficulty utilising its newly acquired Airbus A319 jets. The newspaper revealed that the two aircraft will pose as a big problem for the airline as they can only be properly used during the peak summer period. Furthermore, the new aircraft are not spending enough time in the sky and are grounded in Ljubljana most of the time. “Adria is having trouble achieving a 60% occupancy rate on its A319s, which is unsatisfactory for the airline’s management”, the “Poslovni dnevnik” writes. The problem is highlighted by the fact that the aircraft are being deployed on charter flights and recently even flew all the way to South Africa to carry Slovenian football fans to the FIFA World Cup. This summer, the airline’s occupancy rate across the entire fleet stood at an average of 63.4%. The airline plans to increase it to 68% by the 2012 summer season.

Tadej Tufek, the CEO of Adria Airways has defended the airline’s decision to purchase the A319s saying that they are more cost effective. Tufek denied rumours that the airline will lease the 2 A319s during the winter to other airlines.

2010 has not been kind to Adria. In the first quarter the airline transported 247.300 passengers, down almost 8% from last year. The airline comes third after Croatia Airlines and Jat Airways in the number of transported passengers but has the strongest cabin occupancy index out of the three.

Question time # 103

Would you like to tell me what we have in this view ?

B737-700 confirmed

A B737-700 in Jat’s flock in September?
The CEO of Jat Airways, Srdjan Radovanović, has confirmed the airline’s commitment to lease two Boeing B737-700 jets. The Jat Media Centre reports that the first B737-700 will be arriving in Belgrade in early September, while the second will come at the end of November 2010. The CEO outlined that all of Jat’s departments are working hard to prepare for the new aircraft. Radovanović also revealed that the airline’s finances are heading in the right direction and that all payments have been met. Recently, Belgrade Airport awarded Jat a financial bonus for carrying out all its financial duties on time.

In the past few months, Jat has been rolling out its new economy class cabin. Radovanović said that there will be new additions to economy class and that the airline is in talks with suppliers and is close to closing a deal with them. “Our economy class passengers will soon be receiving new service and new equipment”, Srdjan Radovanović said. He continues by saying that it will compliment the new catering which, as he puts it, is now better than that of most other airlines competing with Jat on European routes and new cabin crew which have recently started work at the airline.

Photo published with the approval of the author, the “aviokarta.net” portal

Propsam and Wingsam

Some odds and ends to share with you:
1.  If you're going to Oshkosh AirVenture 2010, EAA announces that their online ticket discount is extended through the end of this month...but that's Wednesday! 
You'll save $5 on weekly tickets and $2 on daily tickets.  Every little bit helps, here's the link. 
If you love airplanes, you've got to go to Oshkosh at least once in your life.  Anything and everything that flies is represented in some way.
Some highlights of this year's events:
* Week-long Salute to Veterans - WWI, WWII, Korean-era, Vietnam-era, and modern-day military aircraft, forums, presentations, and daily air shows.
* 75th anniversary celebration of the DC-3/C-47 and the B-17.
* Opening Day Concert by Chicago (Monday)
* Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band (Friday)
* Night air show featuring the "Wall of Fire," (don't miss this!) with concert by Asleep at the Wheel and fireworks to follow (Saturday)
* Mass balloon launch (Saturday and Sunday)
* Electric aircraft displays, forums, and demo flights (with an all-day World Electric Symposium July 30)
* 500-plus forums and workshops, and nightly movies at the outdoor Fly-In Theater 
* Daily afternoon air show with top aerobatic performers and Spirit of Aviation aircraft auction.  
This year is my 30th visit, but Oshkosh never fails to excite.

2.  Also up:  Michael Combs has now flown more than 13,442 miles on his Flight for the Human Spirt odyssey that will eventually carry him  and his Remos GX more than 19,400 miles.  He's currently in Denton, TX (40th state so far) after a maintenance stop.  Michael experience delays Saturday and Sunday from high winds aloft and today (Mon) due to a persistent headache...get well, dude!

In the photo, Michael's Remos GX, dubbed Hope One, is tucked under the wing of Flagship Detroit - the oldest flying DC-3 in the world. 

3.  And finally for us wattheads, the Paris Green Air Show just wrapped up and tech webzine Gizmag was there with some tasty coverage of electric powered aircraft.  I'll cherry pick the LSA-centric items
tomorrow but here's a couple teaser photos: the flight of an electric paraglider trike called the e-FunFlyer and the Green Cri-Cri mini-electric airplane with four electric motors, a joint project of EADS Innovation Works and Aero Composites.   More tomorrow!

   ---images courtesy EAA, Michael Combs and Gizmag

Ljubljana – Banja Luka

Banja Luka awaits Adria
Adria Airways has delivered on its promise to begin scheduled flights to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s second largest city. Flights from the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana, to Banja Luka will commence on Wednesday, July 14. The 45 minute flight will be served four times per week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. The airline will use its Bombardier CRJ200 aircraft, which can carry up to 48 passengers.

The start of the new service is good news for Banja Luka Airport which is not being served by any airline. Adria hopes to cash in on passengers which would use Ljubljana as a transit point for onward destinations. Most passengers from Banja Luka travel by car or bus to Belgrade or Sarajevo in order to catch their flights. It is unknown whether Adria’s service is being subsidised by the Government of the Republika Srpska, as was the case with previous airlines which once operated flights to Banja Luka.

All flight details can be found in the new route launches section on the right hand side.

Yet to be......................

Yet to be placed on the NZ register is this example of the Tecnam P2006T ZK-TTW, here seen under tow today the Tecnam hanger at Ardmore 28Jun. The first example in NZ, ZK-TZY, first flew 19Jun, see http://rnzaf.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=civil&action=display&thread=4388&page=17

Cessna 172M ZK-TGI from Kerikeri's Quantum Learning was at Ardmore for a brief stop over. It carries the flying school's name in small titles on the nose cowl.

Déjà vu

B737-700 calling?
Jat Airways has announced that it will lease a Boeing B737-700 for the 2010/2011 winter season which begins at the end of October, a press release from the airline reads. This is the third time in the past year that the airline has announced plans to lease the Boeing. By the end of the month, 12 aircraft will be serving in the Jat fleet. However, the number is insufficient for the quantity of flights. Due to a fleet shortage, Jat has been forced to drastically cut down on its frequencies since 2009. The airline’s long running lease of a Boeing B737-400 has just run out and the aircraft is being prepared for its return to its owner and is no longer in service. Whether it will be third time lucky for Jat and its new Boeing remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, Jat has launched yet another advertising campaign with hundreds of billboards across Serbian cities dawning with faces of smiling young cabin crew. The campaign, titled “The new face of Jat”, is promoting the newest class of cabin crew which have begun work at the Serbian national carrier.

Mooney M20C Mk21 ZK-CPP

Anonymous contacted me and asked if I could pop up some pics of the Mooney M20C Mk21 ZK-CPP that he did some flying in during his teenage years.
So I offer the four following photos.
ZK-CPP with the c/n M20C-3266 was I believe delivered into Auckland on 11-02-1966 as N2554W. It was registered to the Wellington Aero Club on 25-01-1966 until it was taken over by the Club President Tom Coleridge on 27-01-1969. It was still available for Club use during Tom's ownership.
Jim Dillon of Blenheim took it off Tom's hands on 20-07-1977, followed by John McVicar of Christchurch from 21-09-1998. It is now based at Rangiora.
Top pic is at Wellington on an unknown date and the second B&W shot was taken on 12-03-1969.

The first colour view is at Christchurch, with the old Canterbury Aero Club building in the background as at 06-04-1988.

Final view is at Rangiora on 06-01-2009.

The Cessna 150 ZK-BWI moved up to Wanganui in about November of 1963. So I guess I was a few years ahead of you.

Victa Aircruiser 210 CS ZK-DAH

Wayne Rudd sent in this first photograph which he believes was taken in 1972. Thats him on the right hand side.
This aircraft is the one and only Victa Aircruiser 210 CS ZK-DAH.
It was an four seat development of the Airtourer, with the 210hp motor, enclosed cockpit and side entry rather, than the Airtourers sliding canopy.
It first flew in Australia on 17-07-1966 (some sources say the 18th) and was listed with the MGV Holdings Pty Ltd.
It was flown into Auckland on 04-12-1969 aboard the QANTAS Boeing 707 VH-EBN.
It was then registered as ZK-DAH to Aero Engine Services Ltd of Hamilton on 03-12-1969 and first flew from Hamilton on December the 8th.
At some point in the early 1970's it was reworked to become the Airtourer CT2, which was to lead to the military Airtrainer CT4 version.
It was hired to the Mercury Bay Aero Club about November of 1972 (& this ties in with Wayne's memories).

The other two shots (one in magic monochrome & one in glorious Kodachome) where taken at Hamilton on 27-05-1971.
On 28-04-1975 it was relisted to New Zealand Aerospace Industries Ltd at Hamilton. It was used by the Aerospace Flying Club until it was flown to Australia on 25/26-10-1978 with the NZ registration being cancelled on 20-11-78.
It rejoined the Australian register - taking up its old VH-MVR marks - on 10-07-1979 for D O Rankin of West Wyalong, NSW.
Eleven years later (11-07-1990) it was listed to Des and Val Herffernan of Bega NSW.

Thanks Wayne.

Turkish gets Podgorica approval

In Podgorica from July 8
As was reported several weeks ago, Turkish Airlines plans to commence flights to the Montenegrin capital, Podgorica, in yet another expansion into the former YU market. With the Montenegrin Civil Aviation Agency just recently giving the all clear to Turkish, the airline will inaugurate service between Istanbul and Podgorica on July 8. Flights will operate three times per week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. It will be the first time that Turkish Airlines has operated scheduled flights to Montenegro with Podgorica becoming the airline’s 162nd destination. There is no denying that Turkish has a strong position in the region, operating scheduled flights to all former Yugoslav capitals. The airline has a 49% stake in B&H Airlines and has confirmed its interest in purchasing Serbia’s Jat Airways.

In a press release the Montenegrin Civil Aviation Agency said hat the new service will connect Montenegro with the world. “This is the first step in Turkish- Montenegrin cooperation”, the Agency points out.

All flight details can be found on the right hand side in the new route launches section.

Wizz Air success

Belgrade route a success
The low cost airline Wizz Air, which this month commenced flights to the Serbian capital from Dortmund and London, has been reporting extremely good loads, the “Aviokarta.net” portal reports. On Monday, June 20, the airline commenced flights from London Luton Airport, carrying 139 passengers to Belgrade and 128 on the return leg. This means that the load factor on flights to London (for the first inaugural service) amounted to 77%. For comparison sake, Jat Airways’ average load factor on the Belgrade - London Heathrow – Belgrade service amounted to 68% in May. Wizz Air initially planned to commence flights from London to Belgrade in July. However, flights were brought forward upon the request of the director of Belgrade Airport. The airline is hoping to profit from the upcoming EXIT music festival, held in Serbia’s second largest city Novi Sad, which is extremely popular with younger Brits. EXIT is one of Europe’s most popular music festivals and together, in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, Jat will be increasing frequency numbers to key Western European and regional destinations prior to and during the EXIT festival.

Meanwhile, Wizz Air flights from Dortmund to Belgrade are going from strength to strength. The average load factor climbed from 70% last week to 85% this week.

iPad Comes To The Cockpit!

If you want to have a rocking good time without ever leaving your seat, check out this video clip of an upcoming film titled No Second Chances.  Billed as “an Alaskan bush adventure on steroids” if this teaser is any indication, ho shee mama, this ought to be some flick!   

The bigger news, as Dan Johnson covers today with some interesting historical perspective, is the
announcement by SportairUSA of the Bush iCub.
Dan points out that the new LSA isn’t another Cub Clone a la the Legend or CubCrafters versions, but an evolution of the Savage Cub, Cruiser and Classic line of light sport airplanes put out by the Czech Republic’s Zlin Aviation since 1999.
I’d like to get my hands on the Bush version and go do some dirt-whompin’.  It’s got a 7" extended landing gear, 1.25" axles, big fat bush wheels and other mission-specific enhancements.

Some of the interesting specs (you'll find the full Monty on the website) include:
* Short field performance: take off run as little as 147 ft., landing run 249 ft., depending on configuration
* 36 mph stall speed
* 565 lbs useful load (515 with extended gear and 26” balloon tires)
* A price under $100,000 (Other versions are priced as low as $77,900 complete).
And of special interest is the panel-mounted addition of an Apple iPad “Information Center” (the iPad has already sold 3 million copies in its first 80 days!)  The display comes pre-loaded with several aviation and navigation apps.  Very curious to see just how useful this aviation application of the iPad turns out to be.
The software that comes with the electronic tablet includes:
* WingXPro7, a GPS-Enabled Terrain-Aware moving map with touch screen interface
* ForeFlight Mobile HD, which displays VFR/IFR charts, radar, flight rules, approach plates
* Topo Maps
* digital version of the Ultimate SAS Survival Guide
and lots more.
And yes, it docks in the panel so you can take it with you after flying.

SportairUSA, run by Bill Canino, will distribute the bird, which is powered by a 100 hp Rotax engine.  The outfit already markets the lively composite Sting low wing cruiser and the new Sirius high wing beauty which I flew at Sun ‘n Fun and will be writing up in the next few days for the magazine.
Meanwhile, check out the iCub, from a company that’s been around more than a decade and has managed to sell enough airplanes to keep it in the U.S. top 20 since LSA began, even though it’s not one of the better-known manufacturers this side of the pond.
But since 20% of all U.S. LSA registrations are Cub-a-like aircraft, perhaps the iCub will help change all that.
    ---photos courtesy iCub

Mat is here to stay

The new look Mat
Kon Tiki Travel, the owner of Mat Airways, has revealed that its start up charter airline will be called Mat, ending speculation about a possible name change. Originally, the Macedonian Civil Aviation Agency expressed concern about the airline’s name, as it could suggest that it has links with the management of the defunct national carrier MAT Macedonian Airlines, which is still being sued for unlawful ticket sales and debt. However, the new Mat does carry a new logo.

Mat hopes to begin flights by July 20 with the inaugural service taking place from Ohrid to Belgrade. The airline is currently selling most of its tour packages to holiday makers via Belgrade. Mat Airways owns a Boeing B737-500, which is currently located in Skopje. It sports a Macedonian flag on its tail and red coloured engines.

Question time # 102 has been resolved.

We have a winner for Question time # 102.

It is indeed the Vickers V807 Viscount ZK-BRF , c/n 283 , as spied at the Ferrymead Museum in Christchurch.

ZK-BRF was the third Viscount for New Zealand National Airways Corporation (NZNAC) and one of six to feature on our register. It first flew on 24-02-1959 and arrived in Christchurch on delivery on 23-03-1959. It was named "City of Christchurch" and remained in service until withdrawn on 15-07-1974, with its registration being cancelled on 29-01-1975. It was handed over to the Ferrymead Aeronautical Society on 09-04-1975 and was transported to the Museum where it can be seen t this day.
The first photo shows the position of the aerial as used in the first clue.
The second pic is a general view of the rear fuselage , and pic number three is as seen from the public viewing area with clue number two being the cockpit windows.
Brett was first in with the winning combination. He also provided a link to the Vickers Viscount. Well worth a gander at http://www.vickersviscount.net
(Click on Listings, then Aircraft Histories, then enter the registration of ZK-BRF).

Peter Layne, our own aviation historian and author is the newsletter editor for this website. Peter got involved in this site whilst writing the NAC book.

The two lower photos show ZK-BRF at Wellington Airport.
The first shot (parked on the uphill tarmac) in its earlier scheme was taken on 07-01-1964. The lower photo shows her in the "Godwit" scheme on 20-06-1972.

Question time # 102 Revisited.

A revisitation of Question time # 102 is warranted because we do not yet have the correct answer.

The initial clue is the aerial below.

Top photo is clue number two showing part of the "Office Windows".

The questions again are :-
1). What aircraft type are we looking at ?
2). Would you care to place a possible ZK registration to this airframe ?

Iberia to Dubrovnik and Zagreb

In Dubrovnik and Zagreb
The Spanish national carrier, Iberia, has resumed flights to Dubrovnik. The seasonal summer flights will operate from Madrid until September 28, three times per week – on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. All flights will be operated by the Airbus A320, the “Financial” reports. As was the case last summer, Iberia has scheduled its operations to Dubrovnik to offer its customers connecting flights to its entire network, especially in Spain and America. It expects to carry more than 14.000 passengers to one of the most beautiful cities in the Adriatic. On Tuesdays and Saturdays, flights will leave Madrid Barajas Airport at 10.30 and will land at Dubrovnik at 13.15. On Sundays, the departure time will be at 13.45, while the arrival time will be at 16.30. Return flights from the Croatian city will be 14.05 on Tuesdays and Saturdays, landing at Madrid airport at 16.55. On Sundays, flights will leave at 17.20 and will arrive at the Spanish capital at 20.10.

On July 3, Iberia will resume seasonal summer flights to Zagreb. It has schedule two flights every week – on Saturdays and Sundays until September 19. All flight details can be found in the new route launches section on the right hand side.

Sud Aviation Gardan GY-80 Horizon

Allan Churn from WA responded to the Adventurer 333 blog at http://design-plane.blogspot.com/2010/04/no-more-adventurer-333-amphibians-in-nz.html
and mentioned that he now owned the Horizon ex ZK-CLK & asked about other Horizons in NZ.

Yves Gardan designed the GY-80 Horizon, which was a four seater, all metal, light aircraft with retractable undercarriage (Gardan also designed of the Gardan Minicab). The prototype made its first flight on 21-07-1960 with production undertaken by Sud-Aviation; Some 267 being produced. Three of these came to NZ, all imported via the agents Clyde Engineering.

ZK-BXM , c/n 128, was imported by Clyde Engineering and was assembled by TEAL, first flying at Hobsonville on 03-03-1966 for delivery to the Auckland Flying School at Ardmore. It then spent time with the Central Flying School at Christchurch. (first photo shows it in Central Flying School script at Wellington on 14-07-1966). on 05-06-67 its u/c was retracted after landing at Palmerston North. Time was also spent with the Taupo Flying School and then the Palmerston North Flying School from 17-04-1967. (photo two shows it at Palmerston North on 29-10-1970 & photo three is at Ardmore on 08-02-1973). Other owners include N G Bishop of Hokitika from 13-09-1974 and Belmor Farm Ltd of Balclutha from 04-05-1977 with whom it had a heavy landing some time in 1979. From 08-12-1982 it was with Westland Transport Ltd at Hokitika until Sue & Des Stanaway of Auckland took over on 18-01-1983. It was with W Sneddon at Nelson from 30-10-1985, moving to Hamilton Apartments Ltd, who traded as Chateau Aviation at Hokitika, from 12-01-1988. Sakura Auto Co Ltd of Christchurch feature from 18-05-1990 followed by McLeans Manufacturing Ltd, Chistchurch taking over on 15-03-1996.
Sadly on 09-01-1999, in inclement meteorological conditions, it crashed near Montalto with the loss of the three person on board.

Horizon c/n 29 became ZK-CFT on 27-11-1963 with the agents Clyde Engineering Ltd on 27-11-63 for delivery and listing with N.Z Aerosales Ltd of Paraparaumu on 15-04-1964. They named it "Tahatu". First photo shows it at the fuel pumps of the Wellington Aero Club on 08-05 1964 (as indeed does the second shot).
It had a sting of incidents including one at Levin on 31-01-1965. Further ones on 12-07-1964 and 26-10-1965 and at Karamea on 11-02-1966, plus Paraparaumu on 06-01-1967. It was sold on to GB Holdings Ltd of Auckland on 29-05-1968, with whom it had an undercarriage collapse at Ardmore on 11-10-1968. Then another event occurred at Pakotai on 14-04-1972. Keith & Graham Wright; Trading as Wrights Sand Co Ltd; of Whangarei took it over on 12-05-1973. It was damaged at Whangarei on 25-07-1982. R W V Izard of Springhill feature from 06-09-1998 and then Charles E Cooke of Hasting from 09-11-2000. It was damaged at Springfield on 07-05-2001. The last report I have of her was of it enginless at Whangarei on 10-03-2008. (photo # 3).

Our third Horizon was ZK-CLK , c/n 71 , which was registered to Clyde Engineering Ltd at Wellington on 07-04-1965 and then to New Zealand Aerosales Ltd of Paraparaumu on 11-05-1965. With them it carried the name "Cherie". It was only listed to them for a short time before moving on to W J Jamieson (HN) Ltd of Hamilton on 18-08-1965. This first photo shows it at Timaru in NZ Aerosales markings. It was damaged in a field near Hamilton when it overturned on 03-06-1967. Next owner was B J Jamieson of Auckland from 11-08-1969 and then the Takapuna Carrying & Supply Ltd from 23-09-1974. On 10-07-1984 it was listed with Sandy and Hester Squire of Whangarei until 30-03-90 when McAlpine Helicopter Services Ltd at Albany feature. (The second photo shows it at Christchurch in August of 1990). Other owners include P Maloney of Whangaparoa from 30-01-1991, (the bottom pic shows her at Omarama on 16-02-1996), then Phillip J Gotlieb of Ohakune from 14-05-1996. The CLK Syndicate (that included S Casey) appeared from 20-06-1997. It was damaged at Whakatane on 08-05-1999; obviously not too seriously as it was ferried out of Kaitaia to Norfolk Island on 13-11-1999. Then to points further west. It became VH-YOG with Blair W Howe at Myalup in West Australia on 18-01-2000. Latest owner is Allan Churn of Ferndale WA from 22-06-2009.

Flying Car Weight Bump; Electric Motorglider!

After taking a few days off to boat around Lake George, NY and shoot the Red Bull Air Race in NY City, it's time to catch up on the the haps.
The Transition “Roadable Aircraft” (I can’t help but prefer the chummier “flying car”) just got a weight exemption nod from FAA for an additional 110 pounds of MTOW (max takeoff weight).  That nudges the vehicle up to 1430 lbs.
Terrafugia’s request for the bump is meant to provide “...the structure and equipment necessary for compliance with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) which are not found in other Light Sport Aircraft.”
They’re talking about things such as airbags, energy absorbing crumple zone and protective safety cage.
Interestingly, Transition’s maker Terrafugia initially asked for an MTOW of 1,474 lbs.  FAA in effect said “You can have what we gave the amphib makers, but no more.”
This evokes the ultralight days, when the original 150 lb. ultralight spec kept growing...and growing.  Looks like that accretion process is less likely this time around.
LSA motorgliders seem to be coming out of the woodwork these days as I’ve been noting here with prior posts about the Lambada, Phoenix and Taurus Electro et al.  Now comes exciting news from Pipistrel, Slovenian maker of elegant composite aircraft including the Sinus and Virus (guess they forgot to translate those words into English.)
The new composite (Kevlar-reinforced cabin) Taurus LSA, based on the European UL-standard motorized glider, is in production and presumably headed for ASTM certification.
The double-dose of good vibes here is the side-by-side two-seater self-launching glider has also had its first flight as an electric-powered aircraft and will also be available as an LSA motorglider! 
The Taurus has all the chops to attract soaring enthusiasts: 1210 lb. MTOW, 550 lb. payload, a whopping 41:1 glide ratio, retractable propeller pylon and a roomy cockpit. 
And the Electro ought to catch the interest of electric-powered fans, including Yuneec, maker of the two-seat, 45-foot span electric cruiser e430.
The Taurus Electro design team was tasked with designing a system that:
* enables climb to 6000 feet or more on a single battery charge
* costs about the same as the internal combustion-powered Taurus (roughly $110,000)
* maintains the current take-off distance of 560 feet
* keeps the empty weight comparable to the internal combustion powered Taurus with fuel - 704 lbs.
* keeps the current climb profile of the aircraft (560 fpm under power).
An impressive and challenging manifesto.  We’ll hope to catch up with the company and both versions of Taurus at Oshkosh.

Jat’s successor in the works

The final chapter for Jat Airways?
Last week, the Serbian Minister for Infrastructure, Milutin Mrkonjić, announced that the creation of a new national carrier, which will take on the role of Jat Airways’ successor, is in its final phases of creation, the “B92” network reports. "We are in the final stages of establishing a new company. The basic idea is to keep Jat in business and the state needs to have its own airline", the Minister said. Mrkonjić also revealed that the Government is trying to find a partner which would purchase shares in the new Jat. "If we are able to come to an agreement with someone who wants to buy a part of Jat, we will do so. If not, we will own the whole airline. One thing is certain - Serbia will have its own airline", Mrkonjić explained. Earlier in the year, analysts predicted that that a new Serbian national carrier, which will inherit everything from Jat (with the exclusion of debt), could take off in the first half of 2011.

Speaking about Belgrade's Nikola Tesla Airport, Mrkonjić said that the Government hasn’t discussed any possible privatisation of Serbia’s main hub. "The airport operates with a sizable profit, which flows into the state budget. The airport is a profitable and successful company with profits of some 15 million Euros", the infrastructure Minister noted.

From the shoe box

I was scratching through the shoe box of odd photos and slides today and found two that add a little to recent posting.
I can confirm that the colour of the Beech AT-11 Kansan ZK-AHO on 30-01-1973 was indeed white with red trim. http://design-plane.blogspot.com/2010/06/mention-of-piet-van-asch-in-blog-on-zk.html

And re triple glider tows on http://design-plane.blogspot.com/2010/06/triple-tow.html
I managed to dig up an even earlier photo of a triple glider tow.
This fantastic monochrome shot shows the Piper Cub ZK-BNS towing three gliders out of Invercargill Airport in March of 1968.

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