America's Top 3 Flight Training Schools

So, you want to become a pilot but you don't have a clue how to get started. Well, the first piece of advice is to attend a flight training school. There are many different flight training schools in America so finding a school is not difficult. But, if you want to attend one of the best then you will want to know about America's top three flight training schools. The following three flight training schools are considered by many to be the nation's top three. So, you could attend any one of them and get a great education and really learn how to fly.

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
This flight training school is also a university and is great for individuals who want to be pilots but also want a four year degree. Graduates of this university are prepared to be pilots in every sense of the word. This university also prepares students for all types of jobs in the aviation field.

Airline Transport Professionals, also known as ATP, provide pilot training at schools across the nation. If you want to work in the airline field then ATP is the best flight training school for you because you will be trained in top of the line aircraft in an environment that is comparable to that of the airlines. Flights are cross country, in various weather conditions, as well as in high traffic areas to really teach the pilot in training how to be the best possible pilot in all situations.

Delta Connection Academy
The Delta Connection Academy is another of America's outstanding flight training schools. This school trains more FAA part 141 pilots than any other school in the nation. Additionally, since the Academy is owned by Delta it gives graduates an advantage of receiving a job with the company. Of course, graduates of this flight training school may work with any airline and the academy has successfully placed graduates with 26 different airlines worldwide. Pilots from more than 86 different countries have been trained by the Delta Connection Academy. The Delta Connection Academy was previously known as Comair Aviation Academy.

If you are considering one of these flight schools then keep in mind there are a few things you will need. First of all, you will want to buy a Telex headset or a Peltor headset to protect your hearing and ensure great communication. Other things you need to buy will be addressed by the training school. So, check out the above recommendations and start your flight training today!

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