Air Vallée to Mostar

Soon in Mostar
The Italian airline Air Vallée will commence seasonal summer flights from Abruzzo Airport near Pescara, on Italy’s eastern coast to Mostar from April 1. The decision was reached after successful talks were held between the city of Mostar, Mostar Airport, tour operators and Abruzzo Airport. Services will operate twice per week, every Monday and Friday until the end of the summer season. As a result, a total 52 flights will be operated. A total of 54 seats per flights will be pre-booked by tour operators while the rest will go on sale.

Lucio Laureti, the head of SAGA, which operates Abruzzo Airport, told local media, “For the moment flights to Mostar will operate during the summer but there is already a pre-contract for flights to continue in the winter. Offcourse, everything depends on the response we get from passengers”. While pilgrims visiting Medjugorje will play an important role in making the flights a success, Laureti believes there is also room for other types of passengers. “There is commercial interest as well. Soon Mostar will host the International Economic Fair and Italy is Bosnia’s third largest trade partner”, Laureti says.

Flights between Mostar and Pescara operated for a short time last year by B&H Airlines although flights to Pescara ultimately went to Air Vallée this year. Late last year the Bosnian national carrier expressed interest to expand operations out of Mostar. While Mostar does not have scheduled flights, it enjoys numerous charters. In 2011, Mostar Airport handled 36.807 passengers, an increase of 107% compared to 2010, and secured its position as the second busiest airport in the country after Sarajevo.


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