Top 7 Reasons To Get A Sport Pilot License

1. To fly legally and safely. If you want to fly any aircraft with more than a single seat you must have a license anyway or you would be flying illegally. I would recommend you to apply for a license even for a single-seat ultralight aircraft because this will make your flying safer. It's up to you, however, because if your single seat ultralight aircraft meets the requirements of Part 103 you can fly without license.

2. To take a passenger with you. Now this is one of the very big reasons to obtain a sport pilot license. Why would you fly an aircraft if you can't share the joy with anyone? Without a license you can only fly alone. Obtaining a sport pilot license lets you take a single passenger. This makes flying a lot more fulfilling and sometimes just practical.

3. To experience flying before investing in your own airplane. One of the best reasons to sign up for any kind of flight training is to experience what is it to fly an airplane yourself. I know you are very enthusiastic now but real flying can be somewhat scary for many people. It's a good idea to sit on that pilot seat in the flying school and fly for a little before spending money on your own aircraft.
4. To meet other ultralight enthusiasts. You are going to meet like-minded people. And let me tell you, people who are interested in flying are usually good people. The friends you'll make while obtaining the license may be friends for life. Many even meet their love at the sport pilot training. Other find new business partnership. What are you going to find?

5. To learn about the different types aircraft. In most aviation schools you'll be able to see different kinds of ultralight aircraft and maybe even try some of them. It's a great chance to see helicopters, gliders, and all kind of experimental airplanes.
6. To take the first step to Private Pilot License. obtaining a sport pilot license is a good first step to becoming a private pilot. Being a private pilot will allow you to fly in the night, make cross-country flights, fly over the clouds and more. But obtaining a Private Pilot License is a lot more challenging and you should do it after you are really sure you want to invest the time and money in it.

On the other hand, if you first become a sport pilot, then you can gain experience and figure out whether becoming private pilot is really for you. If your answer is yes, the transition between two licenses is possible and you will not have to start from the beginning.
7. Part of your sport pilot training in a non-LSA airplane. This is good because you have the chance to fly a different type of aircraft at least for a while. You could never legally do this if you aren't training for license.
Sport Pilot License is popular because of the balance between getting proper training and not investing too much resources. Of course you should figure out your exact needs and pick the license that suits you best.

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