Estes Viper

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Estes Viper

Estes Viper

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Estes Viper Review

  • Futuristic split wing design
  • Thrust vector steering
  • 12.5" wing span
  • Comes With 90 Day Warranty

Viper RC Airplane (2)

You'll fly like a pro when you fly the Viper from Estes, a leading manufacturer of hobby products for the model rocket industry. This airplane features a sleek, computer-generated body design that allows it to slice through the air with ease. A combination controller and charger also make this model easy to maintain wherever you go.

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The Viper
  • Ages: 14 and up
  • Requires: Six AAA batteries, Phillips-head screwdriver
At a Glance:
  • Features a sleek, computer-generated body design to slice through the air with ease
  • High-powered twin electric motor system with thrust vector control has you flying like a pro
  • Flight command radio controller contains both the flight controller and the charger
  • Unit has a control range of up to 500 feet
Fly Through the Air with Ease

The Viper features a lightweight, bi-wing model that allows it to lift and soar through the air. Its high-powered twin electric motor system is paired with thrust vector control that will have you flying like a pro in no time. The wingspan of this airplane measures 12-1/2 inches, allowing you to stay airborne for as long as possible.

The Viper
Twin motors and bi-wing design lets the Viper soar through the air. View larger.
Combination Controller and Charger Travel with You

This unit has a control range of up to 500 feet, allowing you a wide range of freedom in flight. Estes recommends that first-time flyers begin their flying attempts in open, grassy fields away from buildings, trees, and other people.

Learn to Fly Collaboratively

This plane does not come with instructions, so you'll learn to fly from trial and error. Our testers found that although they were capable of flying the Viper alone, they had more fun and more success when flying with others. Have a friend throw the plane in the air as you manage the controls and get a sense of how the airplane is maneuvered.

Testers found that the plane could withstand only a few nosedives before the foam wings began to break. They can be repaired with tape, but this does hinder the smoothness of flight.

What's in the Box

Viper, flight command controller, adjustable ribbon, and extra set of propellers.

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