Houston wants Zagreb terminal

Houston Airport favourite to win Zagreb terminal bid
Houston Airport System from the United States is expected to win the tender to construct Zagreb’s long awaited new terminal and effectively manage the airport. Although interested parties were meant to place their bids until April 4, the government decided to extend the tender until May 6. It is believed the extension has been given so Houston Airport can prepare all necessary documentation. Munich, Istanbul and Frankfurt were some of the names said to have been interested in bidding for the project. Vienna Airport, which showed the most interest, was disqualified from bidding under the explanation that the Austrian airport is too close to Zagreb.

In order to construct Zagreb’s new terminal and manage the airport, only companies which have run airports with more than 10 million passengers annually can bid. At a recent business forum in Dubrovnik, Houston Airport representative, Roman Miro, said his company was interested in taking over Pleso Airport. Houston cannot directly compete for the project since it is a non-profit organisation owned by the City of Houston. It plans to do so, however, through its subsidiary HAS Development Corporation.

The new terminal is planned to be built in 3 phases, with the first set to be completed in 2014. The current terminal will undergo a smaller expansion and face lift to accommodate the rising number of passengers until the new terminal is completed.


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