Mojave ZK-WTH

Spotted on the Christchurch Western grass near the Canterbury Aero Club this afternooon (08-04-2011) was the Piper PA-31P-350 Mojave ZK-WTH , c/n 31(-8414003 , of Air Wanganui Commuter Ltd.
This aircraft is not long off major maintenance at Palmerston North.
The Mojave uses the Piper Cheyenne 1 pressurised fuselage, the wings from the PA-31-353 Chieftain 11 and Chieftain tail. The engines are Lycoming TIO-540's of 350hp.
This is a 1983 model which came to NZ on Anzac Day of 1987 for registration to Wanganui Aero Work Ltd on 03-06-1987. WTH I believe stands for Warnock Trawlers Harding. It was are-listed to Air Wanganui Commuter on 15-06-1989.


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