B&H to launch Mostar flights

Sarajevo - Mostar in 2012
B&H Airlines plans to launch flights from Mostar to Sarajevo next year in hope of attracting transit passengers through the Bosnian capital. It has been proposed for the flights from Mostar to depart early in the mornings in order to connect on to B&H’s European network. The flights from Sarajevo to Mostar would leave in the evening hours, with the service to be operated by an ATR72. B&H has requested an exemption from fees at Mostar Airport during its first year of operations and has asked for the flights to be partially subsidised by the Mostar city authorities.

B&H operated flights from Mostar to Pescara in Italy for several weeks over the summer, which proved popular with tourists. The airline is mulling over plans to launch services to Rome next year. B&H Airlines will handle similar passenger numbers as last year. Despite a promising start to the year, with a strong passenger surge recorded, numbers were severely hit in the past few months after the airline’s destination network was significantly cut. On the other hand, Mostar Airport handled 35.329 passengers by the end of November, an increase of 98%.


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