Growth slows at Croatian airports

Passenger plunge at Dubrovnik Airport
Despite a record breaking year for most Croatian airports, growth somewhat slowed in November compared to the same month last year. The number of passengers using Croatia’s main airports decreased by half of a percent compared to the same month last year.

Zagreb Airport, which launched a new look website earlier this week, continued to report positive figures by handling 156.755 passengers, up 3.2%. Overall, growth this year has amounted to 8% with 2.083.366 passengers passing through its doors. In November, Zagreb was joined by Split, Rijeka and Mali Lošinj as the other airports also to record growth. In Rijeka it amounted to 753% with the airport handling 111 passengers (up from 13 last year), while growth at Mali Lošinj reached 304% with 97 passenger welcomed.

On the other hand, Dubrovnik saw disappointing results. The coastal airport handled 26.007 passengers, down 20.3% on last year. Numbers were also down in Pula which saw only 1.051 passengers.

Below you can review the performance of Croatia’s airports in November 2011. Overall, Croatian airports handled 212.410 passengers, a decrease of 0.5% compared to November 2010. The statistics have been provided by the Croatian Bureau of Statistics.

AirportPassengers NOV 2011Passengers NOV 2010Change (%)
Zagreb156.755151.908 3.2
Dubrovnik26.00732.626 20.3
Pula1.0511.201 12.5
Split26.66625.905 2.9
Zadar1.6571.672 0.9
Osijek66130 49.2
Rijeka11113 753.9
Mali Lošinj9724 304.2


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