Macedonian airports surge in 2012

Strong start for Skopje and Ohrid
Skopje and Ohrid airports have continued their impressive growth in 2012. The two Macedonian airports handled 64.394 passengers in January, an increase of 24%. The figures were aided by 923 flights operated to and from the airports, thus representing an increase of 17% compared to the same month last year. The two airports experienced particularly strong growth during the holiday New Year season. Skopje Alexander the Great Airport handled 5.458 passengers in the first two days of 2012, representing an increase of 140% on last year. Similarly, Ohrid Airport recorded a boost of 86% during the two days by handling 643 passengers.

In 2011, Skopje Airport welcomed 759.928 passengers, while Ohrid saw 74.345 passengers pass through its doors. As a result, Macedonia recorded the eighth biggest passenger increase by country in Europe in 2011. The only country in the former Yugoslavia ahead of Macedonia was Serbia, by one place, while others fell behind. Estonia saw the biggest increase in passengers in 2011, while Slovenia and Slovakia were the rare ones to detract. Macedonia was ahead of much larger markets such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, Spain and France.

Confirmed new arrivals to Skopje Airport this summer will be B&H Airlines from Sarajevo and Jetairfly from Brussels. Ohrid will also enjoy Jetairfly flights, while Jat Airways resumes its seasonal service from Belgrade. Sky Express, which operated flights from Moscow to Ohrid last year, has since gone bankrupt.


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