Jat Tehnika expands

New hangar for Jat Tehnika
Jat Tehnika has announced the construction of an additional hangar at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport which will be able to handle a Boeing B737 next generation aircraft as well as the Airbus A320. Furthermore, necessary equipment is being purchased in order for the maintenance company to begin work on servicing Airbus jets this summer. During the week, the Serbian government gave its approval for Tehnika to take out a five million euro loan in order to finance its new endeavours. The loan will be repaid within the next five years. Jat Tehnika, which was separated from Jat Airways in 2006, expects to see an increase in business as a result of the new investments.

Tehnika currently has three hangars at its disposal at Belgrade Airport. Two are used for medium sized aircraft and can fit three jets each at one single time while the third hangar is for larger aircraft and can fit two Boeing 747-400s. Besides Jat, the company currently provides maintenance to airlines such as Jet2.com, NordStar Airlines, Astraeus Airlines and Transaero.

Meanwhile, Jat Airways has announced that it has resumed operations at terminal two at Belgrade Airport. The carrier was forced to move to the older terminal one due to expansion wok being carried out at Serbia’s busiest airport. Furthermore, the airline has launched a new frequent flyer program for passengers on March 1.


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