New CEO for Croatia Airlines

Boško Matković to be named new CEO
The former head of Zagreb Airport, Boško Matković, is set to take the reigns over from Srećko Šimunović as the new CEO of Croatia Airlines, local media report. Šimunović, who had close ties to the long time CEO Ivan Mišetić, is set to be replaced due to financial losses at the airline and a worsening spat between the management and employees. Srećko Šimunović was named as the head of Croatia’s national carrier in October 2010. Šimunović came to Croatia Airlines in 2002, taking up the post as head of the marketing department. He later became the director of the marketing and networks department and finally moved to the marketing and purchasing department. Before arriving at Croatia Airlines, Šimunović worked for INA, the Croatian National Petroleum Industry.

On the other hand, Boško Matković was replaced by the government in 2009 with Tonči Peović. Matković was accused by the media for having a monthly salary of up to 13.000 euros. While it is believed that Matković was replaced due to political reasons, the government at the time maintained that he was removed due to bad management. However, Matković was liked by his employees and had good relations with unions, which might come in handy as there is growing discontent amongst Croatia Airlines’ employees. On the other hand, Matković also presided over the failed attempt to construct a new terminal building at Zagreb Airport.

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