Paragliding - How Safe Could It Be, And Do You Know The Stats?

The good thing is, it's safer than it's Extreme Sports image maybe have you think. Of all of the so-known as Extreme Sports, paragliding has possibly the largest selection of participants. In Japan, you'll find old people serenely gliding across dormant volcano slopes. With the Alps in France, you may place daring teenagers pushing the limits of the abilities as well as their paragliders while flying mix-country in challenging conditions.

Perhaps you have never flown inside a paraglider, either alone or perhaps in a tandem wing? Are you currently hankering to simply 'give it a try', but not sure whether you really wish to go as an activity? When the response to both questions is 'yes', then this information is for you personally.


The marketers of paragliding adventure holidays make use of the sport's presently good safety record. You may see lines similar to this:

Paragliding - How Safe Could It Be, And Do You Know The Stats?

"Indonesia Adventure Paragliding is protected, secure and it is an entirely new experience to not be skipped."

Well, the 2nd bit is completely true, the very first bit may be glossing within the periodic twisted ankle or bruise from beginners trying their initial landings. But under ideal tourist-flying conditions, yes, it's pretty safe and sound! Not to mention, you cannot fail if you're within tandem wing by having an instructor doing all of the flying.

Now obviously, every sport carries risk. Also, aviation generally has it's risks. So Paragliding, being both a journey sport and a kind of aviation, also offers a diploma of risk. If this involves safety though, the aviation side of paragliding is-important. All aircraft pilots are educated to operate their aircraft securely, by reducing potential risks. In some instances it's dependent on pure judgement for example throughout a strategy and landing. Or it could mean adhering strictly to some checklist while planning to depart the floor. The pleasure of flying, every year after year, may be the reward for it right.

It's been stated that paragliding is really as safe or as harmful because the pilot causes it to be. There's lots of truth within this, from a minimum of a few angles. First of all, pilot's choose what conditions to fly in. Next, they choose what lengths to stretch their piloting abilities. Let us make an example with driving a automobile now.

A student driver can pick they are driving round the back blocks for some time, or mind straight out to the freeway at hurry hour. That's selecting driving conditions.

Next, they might choose to see the speed limits and traffic signs, or push the pedal towards the metal while running red-colored lights and overpowering everybody in the manner. That's selecting what lengths driving abilities are pressed!

For one moment, let us consider exactly what the most harmful factor about paragliding may be. Years of experience have brought some teachers to think this is actually the convenience that people can learn paragliding! After obtaining the fundamentals quite rapidly, some beginners can begin to consider they know much more about flying compared to what they do. This may lead to over-confidence and elevated risk-taking. The only method to get great and fly securely in additional challenging conditions would be to fly frequently, on the lengthy time period.

For whatever reason, those who have a passing curiosity about paragliding also are interested within the statistics from the sport. Specially the deaths count. Fair enough, I suppose all of us intuitively attempt to assess our chance of dying when attempting new things and exciting! So let us obtain the dying-and-gloom taken care of first. The figures are really quite reassuring, because of the many, many 1000's of individuals flying and also the flight hrs they're accumulating.

The stats for equine-riding and paragliding alllow for a fascinating comparison. And... you suspected it, more and more people die from being tossed off a equine than crashes a paraglider!

Inside a similar vein, I discovered an insurance coverage are convinced that listed paragliding deaths per participant to become under motorcycle riding. Since does not surprise me, I have never reliable individuals things! -) Motorbikes that's.

Another outside activity which compares with paragliding when it comes to injuries rate per participant is snowmobiling. Which I understand nothing, from the Great Dry Flat Land, Australia. :-)

Despite there being a number of 1000 active paraglider aircraft pilots within the U.S. throughout 2005, only 3 people died in paraglider accidents. This ongoing a trend towards less paragliding deaths every year within the U.S.

Now, to become accurate and truthful, the problem in Europe continues to be much worse recently, when it comes to total deaths. However in Europe, you will find many occasions as numerous active aircraft pilots as you will find within the U.S. Along with a large percentage seem to be 'pushing the envelope' by flying in challenging weather over very challenging terrain. The Alps, believe it or not! When just beginning, you'll not fit that category, hence individuals particular stats do not need to worry you.

An adequate amount of dying and dying, I'll just discuss a few U.S. stats now. In 2005, only 50 accident reviews relevant to paragliding were received, that was a 5 year low. Also in 2005 within the U.S., 32 aircraft pilots or people experienced paragliding injuries. 15 of those people needed an overnight remain in hospital.

Going through something yesterday I discovered a tandem pilot that has flown many people through the years. In most his 350+ hrs of tandem flying, he's didn't have a passenger hurt. This will provide you with a good feeling, since a terrific way to 'just try' paragliding is to choose a flight ticket inside a tandem paraglider! The pilot is behind, the passenger dangles in-front. Air inside your hair, and sights that are awesome.. ooops.. I am talking about really really great sights! :-O

Paragliding - How Safe Could It Be, And Do You Know The Stats?

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