Iran Air ends Belgrade technical stop

No more Iran Air refuelling runs to Belgrade
After several months, Iran Air has terminated flights to Belgrade as its refuelling base for services originating from Western Europe on route to Teheran since last week. Belgrade Airport has been under pressure to stop refuelling Iran Air aircraft. The United States recently issued an advisory to all airports in Europe to stop refuelling all Iran Air jets. Nikola Tesla Airport has been refuelling several Iran Air flights since March 2011 because most companies at European airports have refused to sell fuel to the Iranian flag carrier. Similarly, the airline made refuelling stops in the Hungarian capital Budapest as well. No Iran Air passengers were allowed to enter or leave the aircraft while refuelling in Belgrade. The airport made a significant profit out of its arrangement with the Iranian flag carrier.

Yesterday, the United States imposed economic sanctions on Iran Air, saying that the national carrier supported the Iranian military. In a statement, the US treasury department also said the airline had provided "material support and services" to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. It said the paramilitary group supported terrorism and committed human rights abuses against protesters. Revolutionary Guard officers are said to occasionally take control of Iran Air flights with special cargo. Iran Air has faced US sanctions since 1995, preventing it from buying aircraft or spare parts from Boeing or Airbus.

Thus, after 3 months, frequent Iran Air Airbus A300 visitors are no more at Belgrade Airport.


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