Second airport for Belgrade by 2016

Batajnica Airport to welcome low cost airlines in 5 years
The authorities in Belgrade have approved plans to transform the military Batajnica airbase into a commercial airport by 2016. The airport would be used exclusively for low cost airlines, offering lower fees to airlines but at the same time only basic facilities for passengers. The idea to transform Batajnica Airport for commercial use has been on the table for several years but this latest move will now see a terminal building built and runways overhauled in 5 years. Between 2013 and 2016 the airport would be transferred from the ownership of the military to the city.

Batajnica was severely damaged during the 1999 bombing of Yugoslavia. However, since then a lot of work has been done to restore the airport. A new control tower has been built (pictured above) and new access roads have also been constructed. Batajnica Airport is located on the outskirts of Belgrade in the Batajnica suburb. It is some 25 kilometres from the city centre. It is well connected with the rest of the country being located on the Belgrade – Novi Sad highway, having a direct rail link to the city and being the starting point of the Belgrade bypass currently under construction.

Batajnica has a total of 3 runways but only 1 is in use since the other 2 have not been reconstructed since the bombing. Belgrade is currently served by only 4 low cost airlines, 1 of which has its own hub at Nikola Tesla Airport.

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