Kraljevo Airport development continues

Kraljevo’s Morava Airport to open this year
Construction of Kraljevo Airport in Central Serbia is continuing with the project recently receiving a financial boost from the Turkish Embassy in Belgrade. The Turkish Government will donate 10 million Euros for the construction of a passenger terminal at the former military airbase to be known as Morava Airport. The Serbian Government believes that the airport in Kraljevo will be able to attract airlines and passengers despite the fact that nearby Niš has been unable to do so for several years. Some 2 million live within 70 kilometres from the airport, a sizeable catchment area in the eyes of the government, keen to profit from the airport’s opening in a pre-election year. Furthermore, many Bosniaks living in the area often travel to Turkey and use Priština Airport. The idea is for them to use the airport in Kraljevo instead. The price tag of the entire project is just over 22 million Euros and the Turkish donation will cover the entire cost as the rest of the finances have been secured.

Once the project is completed it should be able to handle aircraft with a capacity to seat 100 people. Morava Airport is just one of the many airport expansion or construction projects in the region with a new terminal being built in Skopje and Priština, a new terminal expected to be built in Zagreb while the terminal buildings at Pula and Split airports are also set to be expanded, more of which you will be able to read on Source : EXYU aviation news : soon.


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