B&H drops Amsterdam

B&H dumps Amsterdam and temporarily suspends Copenhagen
B&H Airlines will suspend flights to Amsterdam at the start of the 2011 winter season, the Dutch “Scramble Magazine” reports, leaving the airline with a total of three destinations. B&H recently removed Amsterdam from its webpage booking option and the service has disappeared from global ticketing systems. In recent weeks, flights from Sarajevo to Amsterdam were operated by an ATR72, adding additional flight time to the service. The final flight from Sarajevo to Amsterdam is scheduled to operate on October 27, just under a year since it was launched.

From October 30, B&H will also temporarily suspend flights to Copenhagen but those are set to resume on December 1 with the service rerouted via Banja Luka. Flights to Zurich will remain during the winter, however, all of the four weekly services will operate via Bosnia and Herzegovina’s second largest city - Banja Luka. The only service which remains unchanged over the winter season is Istanbul. Turkish Airlines, which will be decreasing its frequencies to Sarajevo, will introduce its brand new Boeing 737-900 on the route from December 8, thus increasing capacity. So far this year B&H has suspended flights to Vienna, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Belgrade.

If any changes to B&H’s current winter operations occur they will be reported on Saturday along with all the changes being made by Croatia Airlines and Montenegro Airlines over the winter season, which begins this Sunday.


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