Montenegro passenger slump

Montenegro Airlines cancels London flights and sees passenger decrease
The CEO of Montenegro Airlines, Zoran Djurišić, has announced that the carrier will handle some 600.000 passengers this year, declaring the result a major success in the region in spite of the turbulent economic climate. However, Montenegro Airlines’ passenger numbers are on the slide. The airline carried 630.000 passengers in 2010, thus recording an almost 5% slump this year. “We are not magicians and we can’t escape the fate of bigger European airlines. However, we have devoted all of our efforts so the crisis does not impact on our business”, Djurišić said. He added that the airline has carried some 5 million passengers in its seventeen year history and has significantly contributed to Montenegro’s tourism industry. Below you can review Montenegro Airlines’ end of year passenger results for the past several years.

Meanwhile, Montenegro Airlines will suspend flights to London Gatwick this winter due to poor loads. The airline announced its plans to drop the route earlier this year as part of its cost cutting measures. The last service will operate tomorrow. So far this year the airline has also terminated flights to Priština and Skopje.

The Government of Montenegro has announced that it plans to sell a 30% stake in the airline by the end of the year. Some claim that a direct deal with the Turkish government will be made regarding a strategic partnership with the Montenegrin carrier.



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