Jat surpasses million

Jat surpasses 2010 end of year result
Yesterday, Jat Airways carried its millionth passenger for the year, the carrier confirmed to Source : EXYU aviation news : http://exyuaviation.blogspot.com. Therefore, the airline has surpassed 2010’s end of year result when it failed to welcome its millionth passenger for the first time in five years. In the first twelve days of October, the Serbian national carrier has seen 43.899 passengers board its aircraft. Last month the airline recorded an increase of 18% compared to the same month last year, seeing a total of 125.431 passengers. Jat’s passenger results have improved on average by 15% compared to last year. However, the increase in passengers is not resulting in profit. By launching seven promotional ticket sales so far this year the airline has managed to fill its aircraft but has also managed to hurt it’s already less than perfect financial performance. Promotional ticket sales even went throughout the high season. A total of twelve out of fourteen aircraft are currently in operation.

Adria Airways is also expected to see its millionth passenger by the end of the month. Croatia Airlines, which will see a record breaking year, carried its millionth passenger on July 20, the earliest it has done so. Montenegro Airlines and B&H Airlines have never managed to surpass the magic million in one year, although the Montenegrin carrier is closer to achieving this goal than its Bosnian rival.

JAT Yugoslav Airlines carried the most passengers in 1987, flying a total of 4.531.000 people. In 1988 the airline carried over 4 million passengers for the last time and recorded a profit of 55 million US Dollars. Things went downhill from then on.


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