Big setback for Zagreb terminal

New delays for Zagreb’s new terminal
The tender to find who will build and run Zagreb’s state of the art new terminal is likely to fail after four out of the six companies bidding in the process reportedly pull out. The news was reported yesterday by the Croatian press adding that that there is a strong possibility for the entire tender to be terminated. The Croatian government has constantly moved the deadline for the six consortiums in the running to finalise their bids. The deadline currently stands at December 12 with the winning bid to be chosen by March 2012. Furthermore, it is believed that the favourite bid ADC & HAS Airports (Houston Airport) has pulled out. The Croatian government originally claimed that the constant deadline delays were occurring upon the request of the bidders. It also cut down on the terminal’s capacity from the planned 5 million passengers per year to 3.5 million in the first phase of the project. As a result, the price tag of the new terminal has been slashed from 198 million Euros to 190 million.

On Sunday parliamentary elections are to take place in Croatia with the current governing parties set to be punished by voters. Reports suggest that the new government, likely to be made out of the main opposition Kukuriku coalition, will terminate the tender. Last month, Zagreb Airport employees staged industrial action unhappy, amongst other things, that the airport will be foreign run over the next thirty years by the company that builds the new terminal.

The companies thought to be in the running to construct the new terminal are: GMR Infrastructure & Flughafen Munchen (Munich Airport), ADC & HAS Airports (Houston Airport), J&P Avax & Athens International Airport, Flughafen Zurich (Zurich Airport and Turkish airport operator), Seoul Incheon International Airport and the French Riviera Airport Consortium.


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