Jetairfly to Macedonia

Soon in Skopje and Ohrid
Belgian Jetairfly will commence flights to both Ohrid and Skopje in Macedonia from Brussels during the 2012 summer season. The route will operate as a triangle service, departing Brussels National Airport to Ohrid before returning back to the Belgian capital via Skopje. The flights will launch on May 13 and will operate twice per week with a Boeing 737. Jetairfly is aiming to attract leisure passengers heading to Ohrid but also passengers from Skopje in need of a direct link to Brussels. Macedonia is one of the rare countries in Europe not to have a direct service to the self proclaimed European capital city. Flights will operate on a seasonal summer basis until September 19. Details for the Brussels - Ohrid sector can be found here and for flights to Skopje here. No tickets will be sold for the twenty minute hop from Ohrid to Skopje.

Both of Macedonia’s airports are seeing a significant surge in passenger figures this year. In the month of October the two airports handled a combined total of 74.703 passengers, an impressive increase of 18.8% compared to the same month last year. This is in line with the strong growth the two airports have seen throughout the year. From January until the end of July the two welcomed 453.527 passengers, an increase of 13%. In 2011, Skopje handled 680.000 passengers, a figure it is certain to surpass this year.


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