Dubai Hotel

In the world almost in the Dubai.Arabian peoples now became wise because they peoples have been spend a lot of money in luxuriate.This is a list of completed and under construction hotels in Dubai. Dubai leads the ranking of the worlds highest hotel occupancy rate. In 2006 Dubai hotel occupancy rate was 86% which is highest ever in Dubai.In 1993, the city has 167 hotels with 9,383 rooms, while the number shot up to 272 hotels and doubled the number of rooms to 23,170 in 2002. In 2005 it increased to 28,999 rooms.In 2008 the hotel rooms jumped to 43,419 with 6,105,813 hotel guests with 70 percent occupancy rate. In 2009 the hotel rooms increased to 58,188 and in 2010 it jumped to 67,369 rooms an increase of 9,181 rooms in one year due to the massive rise in visitor arrivals. Dubai hosted 8,684,387 guests in 2010, an increase over 7,845,819 in 2009.Now the peoples that who a big wealth and want to luxuriate.They people can be luxury in this hotels,These hotels are very expensive and like me people can,t going there,So now you may see there about this pictures.

Dubai Hotel Good Looking
Dubai Hotel Amazing Courtyard
Dubai Hotel Very Nice Scene
Dubai Hotel In the Ocean
Dubai Hotel Background
Dubai Hotel New Scene


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