Evans Volksplanes of New Zealand - VP-2's

Following along from the VP-1 came the bigger VP-2 which first flew in 1971. It looked the same as the VP-1 but it was 1 foot longer, had 3 feet of extra wingspan and had a cockpit that was 1 foot wider which made it very cramped for 2 people. I think VP-2's were most flown with a single pilot.

Our first VP-2 was ZK-EEN (c/n AACA 314/1) which was built by Darcy Hoffman at Dunedin. It was first registered on 23/10/75 and is shown here at the 1979 AACA fly-in at Gore. I understand that it crashed at Taieri and was then sold to K H Kramer of Queenstown on 27/7/83. It was cancelled on 11/2/92 and again on 27/11/96 - anyone know why? The remains are at Gore.
The next VP-2 was ZK-FPK (c/n AACA 703) which was built by Bill Salt at Auckland and was first registered on 30/10/87. It is shown here at the 1992 AACA fly-in at Tauranga. It was sold to M J Quadvlieg of Masterton on 29/7/02, who re-designated as a Class 1 microlight. It was withdrawn and cancelled on 28/8/03.
And our final and most active VP-2 was Max Saunders' ZK-CVW (c/n AACA 1001) which was first registered on 28/4/87 and featured an 1834cc VW motor. It is shown here at Paraparaumu early on in its life with a canopy.
After several modifications it looked like this, at the 2002 AACA fly-in at Matamata. It was re-designated as a Class 2 microlight on 7/2/02. It has been withdrawn and its motor has been used in Max Saunders' latest Flitzer Biplane project (but that is another story).


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