REMOS Aircraft sends out advance word that its new GX NXT will debut at Oshkosh this year. 
The current GX Aviator II model will not be replaced: this new NXT version reflects a new instrument panel and price (base: $129,961, a significant drop from the Aviator II).
REMOS GX NXT: new panel, lower price
Dynon's SkyView, as with an ever-expanding number of other LSA, provides the anchor point for the streamlined new deck, which has been reworked to bring more leg room and better visibility over the nose to the cockpit.
SkyView's ever-upgrading software suite combines
 Panel drawing w/optional two
SkyView panel and Garmin 696   
EFIS/EMS/ Synthetic Vision/ Transponder in one unit.  An optional second SkyView installation is available as well as Garmin 696 and Dynon autopilot.
The GX NXT will offer com or nav/com and a wide range of exterior paint schemes.
The GX is a lovely airplane to fly.  I like the folding wing capability of the GX too.  You can also fly with the doors completely off the airplane: lots of fun on those balmy spring, summer and fall days to ahead.
REMOS quotes an empty weight of 718 pounds and a useful load of 602 lbs. (470 with full fuel), which they claim is tops in the industry.
The airframe, performance and handling are the same as the Aviator II.
Delivery is quoted at 90 days and they're taking orders now.
The GX is made in Germany.
         []  illustration and photos courtesy REMOS Aircraft


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