Jat dumps Trieste

Jat suspends Trieste service
Jat Airways has suspended services to the Italian boarder city of Trieste, citing low interest. The flights have been suspended as of immediately. Jat’s acting CEO said there was no interest to fly to the North of the Adriatic. Although it is no secret that the service has been struggling for years, it has been part of Jat’s destination network for quite some time and carried an Alitalia codeshare as well. The Serbian carrier operated flights to Trieste 3 times per week using its ATR72. Jat continues to fly to Rome and Milan in Italy. The airline has also temporarily suspended flights to Malta and Tripoli due to the NATO led intervention in Libya. With both air raids and civil war ensuing in the North African country, it is unlikely the Serbian carrier will be returning to Tripoli anytime soon, despite being the last European carrier to pull out of the city. The flights operated as a triangle service (Belgrade – Malta – Tripoli – Belgrade).

The Serbian carrier has today cancelled its service to Stockholm due to a spreading volcanic ash cloud from Iceland. It also cancelled yesterday's service to Copenhagen for the same reason. Thousands of passengers have been stranded in Europe as a result of the eruption. Germany has today closed its northern airspace. Most services originating to and from EX-YU airports remain unaffected. Meteorologists predict that this year’s ash cloud won’t cause mass havoc as the one last year.


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