Montenegro Airlines incident at Tivat

The flying eagle hit by an eagle
A Montenegro Airlines Fokker F100 sustained minor damage yesterday after an eagle flew into its nose cone while landing at Tivat Airport. Passengers onboard the flight operating as YM201 from Belgrade said they heard a loud bang as the aircraft touched down, however the pilot managed to stabilise the plane and taxi safely to the apron. No passengers were hurt in this minor incident. The aircraft, registered 4O-AOL was out of service for several hours but was returned to the fleet by the afternoon as the incident took place just before 10.00. The aircraft’s meteorological radar was slightly damaged as a result of the bird strike. Interestingly, the aircraft in question is in the middle of a stalled corruption investigation as it is suspected it was unlawfully leased to the Albanian airline Belle Air several years ago.

Meanwhile, Tivat Airport welcomed its first batch of German tourists from Nuremberg on Wednesday as Air Berlin operated its first service to Montenegro. Flights will operate once per week until September 14. In a recent interview, Montenegro Airlines CEO said he had nothing against low cost competition but insisted that all airlines operating to the country must have equal rights. The Montenegrin Government recently announced it would suspend its protectionist policy over the national carrier and began negations with no frill carriers Ryanair and easyJet.


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