B&H’s Zurich service in trouble

Low interest for B&H’s Zurich flights
Following B&H Airlines’ recent suspensions of high profile routes to Vienna and Frankfurt, Zurich is next on the chopping block, insiders say. The Sarajevo to Zurich line is failing to attract passengers and flights are often cancelled. The airline did not operate its Tuesday and Wednesday service this week. On a regular basis, the flights see at least 1 cancellation per week. B&H Airlines serves the Swiss city 7 times per week, 3 of which go via Banja Luka. All flights are operated with an ATR72. Sources from the airline say that B&H is hoping for higher booking numbers as the peak summer season approaches. Before its suspension from B&H’s timetable, Vienna also experienced similar cancellations but was given a trial period of several months to prove itself as a sustainable route. In the end it didn’t.

Turkish Airlines, which owns 49% of the airline, is soon to name a new CEO for the Bosnian carrier. Although the Turks are eager to take over the majority of shares in B&H, a recent revision of the purchasing agreement firmly cements that the company will remain in government ownership until further notice. Despite a sharp increase in passenger numbers, B&H has also experienced a sharp increase in losses this year and plans are being made to phase out 1 ATR72. Besides Zurich, B&H operates flights to Istanbul, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Stockholm. Its most popular flights continue to be Istanbul and Amsterdam.


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