Belgrade overhaul begins

New look for Belgrade Airport

Work on the overhaul of Belgrade Airport’s two terminals has begun. The reconstruction of the scruffy old business class lounge is in full swing, according to the “Aviokarta” portal. The business class lounge, used by all airlines offering a business class product to their passengers from Belgrade, is being expanded and modernised. Located near the A transit area gates, the lounge will be completed in September. Following its completion, work will begin on the expansion of both terminals 1 and 2. The expansion project entails the construction of a new floor above the current terminal buildings. It will be used by passengers arriving on incoming flights, thus separating them from the departing passengers.

Construction will take place in four phases. The first one will see the expansion of the C1-2 gate and the expansion of gates from A1 to A5. As a result, an extra 2.750 square metres will be added. Gates C3-4 and C5-6 will be expanded in the second phase. The third phase will involve the expansion of the A6 gate and onwards with the fourth and final phase seeing the construction of the completely new floor which will stretch over 4.900 square metres. Another apron will be built next to terminal 2 which will be able to handle four medium sized aircraft. Once the project is completed, a total of 9.900 square metres will be added and the terminal 1 air bridges will be replaced.

New look business class lounge

Belgrade Airport is one of Serbia’s most profitable state owned companies, turning a multi million Euro profit annually. The airport’s terminal 2 was spruced up several years ago, although the gate transit areas were left untouched.


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