Montenegro Airlines plans for the future

New Embraer jet for Montenegro Airlines

Montenegro Airlines will expand its fleet within the next few years and plans to position itself on new markets. Earlier this year the Montenegrin national airline revealed it would purchase new aircraft in an attempt to counter its financial woes. The airline’s Commercial Director, Vladimir Ristić, says that the airline will take delivery of a new Embraer jet in 2013, to complement its existing fleet of 3 Embraer E190s and 5 aging Fokker F100s. “Our negotiations are entering the final phase and we plan to put an order in soon”, Ristić said, referring to the new aircraft. Currently 7 out of the 8 aircraft are in use as one of the F100s has been grounded for some time.

The airline is also planning ahead for the Open Sky agreement with Europe, which will come into effect in 2 to 3 years. The agreement will allow foreign airlines to be granted licenses to operate to Montenegro more easily. Ristić emphasized Serbia and Russia as the airline’s two main markets but also added that Montenegro Airlines plans to expand. This summer the airline was not granted a license to operate charters from Belgrade to Palma de Mallorca and Greek holiday destinations. It also failed to secure a license from Swiss authorities to operate direct flights from Niš to Zurich. However, the airline is not giving up and plans to offer direct flights from Niš to other European cities other than Podgorica.

During this winter season Montenegro Airlines plans to wet lease one of its Fokkers to Belle Air, which is based in Tirana. Montenegro Airlines will operate on behalf of the Albanian airline with Montenegrin cabin crew, pilots and technicians taking care of the aircraft.


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