I remember 1964

 I recall that in the 1960's Wellington Airport had an internal staff newsletter. It featured real photographs glued to the pages. From 1964 is a copy of one such pic. It shows the Bee Gyroplane ZK-HAS (c/n 0001) taking off on Rnwy 34.
Below is a clipping from a printed news item at that time.
The Bee was registered to Bee Aircraft Sales (NZ) Ltd of Auckland on 24-02-1964 and first flew here on 26-02-1964 and as above it was demonstrated around the country.
It was on the Auckland Flying School lineup for a spell before being listed to Ken Olsen of Orewa on 17-04-1973.
On 15-08-1974 it was re-registered in the new Gyro registration block as ZK-RAA.
It was cancelled briefly between April and December of 1995 and is still currently listed with Ken.


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