Flight Jackets and Bullet Proof Vests

Also, the new jets had smaller cockpits so the jackets made the pilots feel cramped and could hinder their ability for a speedy escape if they had to exit the aircraft. Rather than bulky leather, they needed a new design that was lighter, warmer and less cumbersome.
The first one developed was initially produced in cotton, but later produced in the same pattern but in high quality nylon. The MA-1 was designed by the Air Force to function as a transitional Weight Flight Jacket for use all year. The light weight nylon design allowed the pilot in warm weather to wear the jacket open and be comfortable; upon entering the aircraft, the pilot would zip the MA-1 closed and have more than enough protection against the cold conditions confronted in flight.

In the 1950"s these flight jackets also became known as bomber jackets and with the help of the fashion industry, became very popular. These jackets were very popular and emitted a look of success and masculinity. Having to be a pilot or be part of an air crew to receive one of these jackets originally gave them an elite stature of only being worn by a select group of courageous people.
Bullet resistant flight jackets look like a normal jackets to the everyday onlooker but, obtaining a bullet proof flight jacket with a level III-A rating, according to (N.I.J.) National Institute of Justus will protect you against most small hand gun threats, and offer security up to.357 Magnum SIG FMJ FN,.44 Magnum SJHP, and 12 gauge buck shot and slugs.

One of the first things to consider when choosing concealable bullet proof vests or jackets is the ability to look natural, whether you're wearing bullet reisitant vests under your clothing or a jacket. Bullet proof flight jackets are great choices for pilots, marine police, under cover security, police officers, and civilians that need that extra security such as executives, politicians and body guards.

Manufacturers are getting more and more creative these days with bullet proof vests and other clothing. In order to remain obscure and undercover while wearing ballistic clothing, companies have designed almost every garment that you can imagine replacing standard cotton and threads with ballistic fiber. There is even ballistic bullet proof underwear for bomb explosive personnel to wear.
Of all the different styles of jackets on the market today, the flight jacket is a great look and having been around for many years will offer the person wearing it concealment, style and protection and no one will ever no the difference.

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