Pilot Survival Gear

Skydiving and plane driving are two of the most extreme air ventures that one can experience. Being a pilot entails extensive education and training. The air is a vast spot of uncertainties under the changing motions of clouds and winds. When flying up above, there are certain pilot survival gears that one should tag along with.

Just to make sure you are ready to combat accidents and sustain the length of travel on the sky, pilots bring pilot survival gear. It's even mandatory in aviation industry that pilots bring their equipment and paraphernalia once aboard any aircraft. Any plane must have two-way communication radio, coast-guard approved life vest for each passenger and operational necessities.
Aside from the live vest and communication radio, an aircraft must have other items to complete pilot survival gear. These are first aid kits, water and food, waterproof flashlight, compass or Global Positioning System (GPS) unit, extra batteries, waterproof matches, handy strobe light and a Pilot's survival booklet. Some pilots even include smoke bombs, cable saw, aluminum foil, razor blades, herbals, knife, tissues, etc.

Because a pilot survival gear is a necessity to commercial and fighter pilots, the market has launched several survival kits proven and tested to have been useful in unexpected circumstances. Among them are Spot Satellite Messengers, NOMEX Survival Vests, ACR Micro Fix 406 MHZ PLB's, Aero Fix PLB and Adventure Pocket Survival Kit. Many fighter pilots make a loyal following to these survival equipments because they are top quality.

Some pilot survival gears can even be customized to afford the needs of specific groups of aviation professionals. Whether you are flying for business or pleasure, you must bring a survival kit. Paramedics in airplanes are always equipped with kits that allow them to respond to certain emergencies and sustain challenges along the way. Big adventurers believe that a pilot survival gear is necessary. Pocket survival pack is one that can come in handy. Getting equipped to survive is top priority. High quality and cost-effective survival kits are pre-packed by manufacturers to compliment the standard survival gear. It has the edge of fusing the most vital gears all in a single package that can conveniently be placed in your pocket.

The pilot survival gear used by US military and top pilots include some zip-top plastic bag, survival whistle, fire starter, signal mirror, compass, duct tape, steel utility wire, braided nylon cord, nylon thread, waterproof notepaper, vinyl pouch, lens magnifier, contents list and survival instructions. There is nothing more satisfying and safe than having a survival package of your own when flying or sailing. We do not wish for accidents to come but at the end of the day, we still want to be ultimately prepared.

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