Low cost onslaught on Slovenia

Slovenia most uncompetitive in aviation in EX-YU
The Slovenian Tourism Organisation has revealed that Ljubljana will soon see low cost flights to at least five new destinations fuelling much needed competition. Flights to Italy, Germany, Spain, Scandinavia and Ireland will soon be established with full support from the Slovenian government. The Tourism Organisation has said that operations by low cost airlines will be subsidised in respect to marketing and promotion. Low cost airlines are looking to cash in from the battered and bruised Adria which will be forced to suspend several key routes. Ljubljana Airport is continuing its negotiations with Ryanair, with the no frills airline expected to touch down at Jože Pučnik Airport sometime during the 2012 summer season.

The Slovenian Tourism Organisation is in talks with the Turkish based IZair to replace Adria on its Istanbul route. The Organisation is also hoping that Maribor Airport will be seen as an alternative by some low cost airlines.

Slovenia has been one of the rare European countries where low cost airlines have, for the most part, failed to attract a following. Adria has little competition on most of its routes, while most of the ones it sees competition on, such as Istanbul, London and Paris, are expected to be suspended this winter. According to a study carried out by the World Economic Forum, Slovenia has been rated as one of the most uncompetitive countries in the world when it comes to aviation placing it 116th (out of 139 countries). In the same category amongst the former Yugoslav republics, Serbia scored highest with a rank of 58 followed by Croatia at 60, Macedonia at 107, Montenegro at 108 and Bosnia and Herzegovina at 115 out of 139 countries.


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