Croatia Airlines surpasses million

Record numbers for Croatia Airlines
Croatia Airlines carried its millionth passenger on Wednesday, the earliest it has done so since beginning operations 20 years ago. The Croatian national carrier recorded the figure 27 days ahead of last year and 4 days ahead of its record breaking year of 2008. The millionth passenger in 2011 was travelling from Munich to Zagreb. Srećko Šimunović, the airline’s CEO, said that the good result was achieved due to the development of Croatia Airlines’ destination network, strategic routing and an efficient fleet.

By Wednesday, Croatia Airlines handled 127.000 passengers more than during the same period last year. In international traffic the airline carried over 674.000 passengers, an all time record. In domestic traffic, on the other hand, the national carrier welcomed 266.000 passengers on board its aircraft, an increase of 16% on last year.

However, the airline’s finances are seeing record losses. Šimunović remains optimistic though, saying that he believes Croatia Airlines will be able to post a minimal profit next year. Turmoil in North Africa, a resurgent tourism industry in Croatia and more travel within the country are all factors which have led the airline to record large scale growth. As a result, Croatia Airlines will carry the most passengers out of all former Yugoslav airlines by the end of the year, leaving its rivals Jat Airways and Adria Airways well behind.


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