Airlines in Indonesia

The following are the airlines in Indonesia. Most of them have a route to any airport located in the provinces of Indonesia. In addition, there are also among those who have a route to several airports in Indonesia districts and some cities abroad such as Singapore and Malaysia.

garuda indonesia-airlines in indonesia

Lion Air-Airlines in Indonesia

Batavia Air-Airlines in Indonesia

sriwijaya air-airlines in indonesia

Merpati Airlines-Airlines in Indonesia

Citilink-Airlines in Indonesia

The following is also an airline in Indonesia, but they only have flights to several cities in Indonesia. In general, flight routes that they have is the airport in the district. Let us from Jakarta (the capital of the Indonesian state) wants to Alor regency in East Nusa Tenggara Province, the airline operators that we use like the one above, and continue the flight back with the flight operators below, which has flights to Alor.

Riau Airlines-Airlines in Indonesia

kartika Airlines-Airlines in Indonesia

Trigana Air-Airlines in Indonesia

Transnusa-Airlines in Indonesia

Susi Air - Airlines in Indonesia

KalStar Aviation-Airlines in Indonesia

Air Efata-Airlines in Indonesia


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