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Map of Japan via ease

Japan is a country in East Asia that has many islands. There are 4 major islands and main island of Honshu Island, Kyushu Island, Hokkaido Island, and Shikoku Island. Each island has an airport. Maybe you need to know the island and the airport in japan, for your trip to Japan can be more beautiful. Little information, other than as an industrial center of the world, Japan is also a world tourist destination. The following is a list of Airports in Japan :

Honshu Island
Akita Airport in Akita
New Tokyo International Airport (Narita) in Tokyo
Tokyo International Airport (Haneda) in Tokyo
Sendai Airport in Sendai
Yokota Ab Airport in Tokyo
Kansai International Airport in Osaka
Osaka International Airport in Osaka
Hiroshima Airport in Hiroshima
Nagoya Airport in Nagoya
Aomori Airport in Aomori
Nigata Airport in Nigata
Fukue Airport in Fukue
Fukushima Airport in Fukushima
Komatsu Airport in Komatsu
Chofu Airport in Chofu

Shikoku Island
Takamatsu Airport in Takamatsu

Kyushu Island
Fukuoka Airport in Fukuoka
Kumamoto Airport in Kumamoto
Nagasaki Airport in Nagasaki
Kagoshima Airport in Kagoshima

Aguni Island
Aguni Airport in Aguni

Amami Island
Amami Airport in Amami

Asahikawa Island
Asahikawa Airport in Asahikawa


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