Big success for Zagreb terminal bid

Zagreb awaits new terminal
A total of 10 world famous companies and consortiums have applied to construct and manage Zagreb Airport’s much anticipated new terminal. From Houston to Seoul, airports across the world placed their bids for a joint Public Private Partnership (PPP) with the Croatian Government. The bids that were accepted are as follows: GMR Infrastructure & Flughafen Muenchen (Munich Airport), IC Ictas Insaat Sanayi ve Ticaret with IC Ictas Altiapi Yatiramlan ne Istetru and Incheon Int. Airport Corporation (Turkish consortium together with Seoul Airport), TAV Airport Holding & TAV Construction (Turkish airport operator), ADC & HAS Airports (Houston Airport), Alpine Bau and FCC Construction (Austrian-Spanish consortium), J&P Avax & Athens International Airport, Vinci Concessions (European airport infrastructure conglomerate), Hochtief Concessions (from Germany), Zaic (from the United Kingdom) and finally Flughafen Zuerich & Strabag te Limak - French Riviera Airports Consortium (Zurich Airport and Turkish airport operator).

A contract between the government and one of the ten listed above is expected to be signed in October 2011 with construction to start in late 2012. "We will check to see how many of those bids can enter the second stage of the tender. In the second half of June, we will invite those who enter the second stage to submit concrete financial terms", senior ministry official Tomislav Mihotić said yesterday.

The bidders are competing to build a new terminal and operate both future terminals at Croatia's biggest airport. The value of the project is estimated at up to 220 million Euros. To enter the second stage, bidders must not own an airline, must not depend on state financing and are not allowed to be in ownership of any other airport within a 400 kilometre radius from Zagreb. Due to the high number of bids, the tender can be declared as a success.


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