Evans Volksplanes of New Zealand - VP 1's (2)

The next batch of VP 1's came along in the mid 1970's when registrations were still allocated alphabetically (except in the case of ZK-EEM as detailed below!).

The photos are from the Keith Morris collection unless noted otherwise.

ZK-ECG (c/n AACA 136/1) was built by Keith Omundsen at Wanganui and was first registered on 5/8/75. It first appeared in this colour scheme of white and green as photographed here at the 1977 AACA flyin at Masterton.

On 17/10/79 ownership transferred to R R Ball of Hastings, who repainted it in this brown and gold colour scheme as seen at the 1982 AACA flyin at Taupo. It was then owned by a succession of owners at Waipukurau before being withdrawn and cancelled on 16/6/99.

ZK-EDA (c/n AACA 183/1) was built by Lloyd Cox at Hastings and was first registered on 7/11/74. It is photographed here at Bridge Pa early on in its life. It was sold to R A Tomlin and D F Sutton of Auckland on 7/3/77 and then to T F Hall of Te Awamutu on 20/5/99. It was withdrawn and cancelled on 31/8/01.

However as has been the case with several old Volksplanes which have risen from the grave, it was re-registered as a Class 1 microlight by Owen Kriletich of Katikati on 3/5/02 and it is still going strong having had owners at Waiau, Amberley, Hastings and most recently with T E Penny of Hamilton. The above photo was taken in a Hangar at Rangiora by Blue Bus, and it can be seen that it hasn't changed much over the years.

And the final Volksplane of this bunch is Lou Goodson's ZK-EEM (c/n AACA 135/1) which was built at Palmerston North. In the above mentioned alphabetical sequence of registrations, Lou drew the short straw when his Volksplane was registered as ZK-DUD in 1974. Lou applied for a new registration and it has not proved to be a dud at all, still going at Feilding 37 years later. It is photographed here at Hood aerodrome early on in its life. I think the photo may have been taken by the late Gavin Woodward.

This photo of ZK-EEM was taken outside its hangar at Feilding aerodrome in 1987. It was withdrawn and the registration cancelled on 11/02/92. It was re-registered as a Class 1 microlight on 30/11/99 by John Waugh of Feilding on 30/11/99 where it is still active.


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