May 13 strike

Croatia Airlines cabin crew unhappy
Several Croatia Airlines unions are threatening to go on strike on May 13 as a new collective agreement between employees and the management has not been negotiated. Unions will make their decision on the strike action by the end of the week. The old collective agreement terminated earlier in the year and negotiations for a new one to be signed have been unsuccessful so far, prompting the management to implement code of conduct regulations. However, these new regulations have suspended employee rights such as overtime payments and holiday pay leaving unions less than happy.

Croatia Airlines experienced a similar 48 hour strike last year when part of its cabin crew and pilots walked off the job. Services were severely disrupted and the airline lost millions according to its management. The CEO of Croatia Airlines, Srećko Šimunović, says that workers have the right to protest, but should the national carrier incur further losses, the government may "lose patience" and consider selling it or declaring it bankrupt. The Minister for Sea, Transport and Infrastructure in the Croatian Government, Božidar Kalmeta, denied claims that the government would consider declaring Croatia Airlines bankrupt.


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