Montenegro Airlines orders new aircraft

New Embraer coming next year
Montenegro Airlines has ordered a fourth Embraer jet, which is set to join its fleet in 2012. The order is in line with the airline's anti-crisis measures. The Montenegrin carrier currently operates 3 Embraer E-195 jets. The airline's CEO, Zoran Djurišić, says that new aircraft are needed in order to respond to growing competition. Although the exact model ordered wasn't announced, it will be one of the smaller capacity aircraft from the E-jet family. This means it could be either the E-170, E-175 or the E-190. The order is worth 26.9 million Euros.

Patrice Candaten, Embraer’s Sales Director, said that the two companies enjoy high levels of cooperation and that Montenegro Airlines has become a leading carrier when it comes to the usage and maintenance of Embraer jets. The new order was made possible after Montenegro Airlines paid its outstanding debt to the Brazilian plane manufacturer late last month for other aircraft in its fleet.

Montenegro Airlines currently operates a fleet of 5 Fokker F100s and 3 Embraer E-195s, although one F100 has been permanently grounded. The carrier plans to operate an all Embraer fleet in the near future and phase out the older Fokker aircraft. Montenegro Airlines said it will order another Embraer in 2012, to be delivered in 2013. The new, smaller capacity, Embraer jet will be deployed to destinations such as Zurich, Frankfurt, Vienna and Rome.


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