B&H to Pescara in September

Charter flights for B&H
B&H Airlines will begin subsidised charter flights from Mostar to Pescara in Italy. Flights are expected to begin in early September and are scheduled to run until the end of October. The service will operate once per week. All sides participating in this project are hoping to attract Christian pilgrims from Italy visiting Medjugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina. B&H Airlines should make good money from the service as all seats on the aircraft will be pre-booked by a tour operator. Pescara is located on Italy's eastern coast, some 180 kilometres from the capital Rome.

Mostar Airport has been reporting strong passenger figures this year, thus becoming Bosnia and Herzegovina’s second busiest airport, behind Sarajevo. The airport is booming thanks to religious tourism and has seen an increase in charter flights this summer. However, the airport still doesn’t have a single scheduled service, as a result preventing it from reaching its full potential.

Meanwhile, Dubrovnik Airline from Croatia will begin summer flights from Dubrovnik to Pescara. The 1 weekly service will commence next week. Flight details can be found here.


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