Skopje Airport turns 83

Skopje Airport celebrates 83rd birthday
This month Skopje Airport celebrates 83 years of existence. In July 1928 the airport opened its doors with the first experimental flight organised by the national carrier of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes - Aeroput. Flights departed Belgrade and operated via Skopje, Mostar and Sarajevo back to Belgrade. On July 31, 1929 Skopje saw its first scheduled service, with Aeruput operating return flights from Belgrade. The first international flight to Skopje was operated in 1930 from Vienna.

Current Skopje terminal - soon to close
After the Second World War Skopje became a secondary hub for the Yugoslav national carrier JAT. The devastating 1963 Skopje earthquake severely impacted on the airport’s operations. A new terminal was built in 1987. Following Macedonia’s independence from Yugoslavia, the airport went through reconstruction and redevelopment. During that time it served as a base for Palair Macedonia, as well as MAT Macedonian Airlines later on. Today, only Mat Airways calls Skopje its home.

Skopje's new terminal - opening in September
In more recent history, Skopje renamed itself to Alexander the Great Airport, an unpopular move with the international community. In 2008, the Macedonian Government signed a contract with the Turkish TAV Holdings for a 20 year concession during which the company will run both Skopje and Ohrid airports. As a result, the construction of a multi million Euro terminal began in the spring of 2010. On September 8, 2011 the brand new terminal will open marking a new chapter in the airport’s long history.


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