DTI and Private Company Develop Vertical Take Off UAV

26 Juli 2011

Vertical Take Off UAV (all photos : TAF)

Once a week ago, Navy Defence Institute of Technology and Kasama helicopter Ltd. signed a joint research project into the vertical unmanned aircraft. Under 20 million in research funding builds on the research of unmanned aircraft into the surface of the Navy to develop and prepare to enter the production line.

Unmanned research aircraft up and down as the Navy's research program to build unmanned aircraft up and down according to the operational needs of users in the Navy.

The Navy has partnered with two private companies, is free of all restrictions on our Company, and Kasama helicopter research and prototyping as a prototype unmanned aircraft up and down the straight.

This makes both the Navy and private companies and has cooperated with the Institute of Defense to continue research to develop the aircraft systems, improve the performance of the machine actually works, including preparations to open a production line to produce the next entry.

The shape is different from that seen prototype aircraft, which initially will be produced. The first of two aircraft which are expected to take approximately two years.



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