Five iPhone Applications Every Pilot Needs

Smart phone applications continue to rise in popularity and can now be used by aviators. If you are a private, commercial, or sport pilot, you might find these ingenious programs very useful for your flying endeavors.

PilotPCG. This app for iPhone and iTouch is a useful guide for seasoned aviators, student pilots still undergoing flight training, or novice aviators who are fresh out of flight school. It contains more than 1,300 bold terms. These terms have been called such since they appear in boldface in the FAA Pilot/Controller Glossary, the authoritative reference book that all pilots must have a copy of. With the PilotPCG, you no longer have to constantly check your computer or be in possession of a thick book to double-check aviation terms. With a press of a button, you get quick and ready access to the information wherever you are.

AeroWeather. This app is for use in iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone models. The application enables access to the latest weather conditions and weather forecasts of any particular location. So whether you're a student pursuing aviation training, a commercial or a sport pilot, you'll get to plan your flight schedules more carefully using this app.

Wind Aid. An application for the iPod touch and iPhone, the program functions by calculating both headwind and crosswind conditions, especially if data on runway wind speeds and directions are not readily available. So whether piloting a massive airliner or a light sport aircraft, you'll get to properly prepare for takeoff or landing as you know exactly the wind conditions you're up against.

FlightTrack Pro. This is an application for iPad, iPhone, and Android phone units. It provides updates on the flight schedules and delay forecasts in airports around the world. Even student pilots still attending flight school will find this program useful, especially if the training is done in a controlled airport. If the student pilot is unfamiliar with the airport, then he or she can readily view the particular port's map with the use of the application.

JetFueling. Meant for use in iPhone and iPod touch, this program provides readings on the currently available fuel on board. This way, the precise quantity of fuel that needs to be poured can be readily calculated. This application is very useful for pilots and technicians who are all involved in refueling tasks on commercial airliners. Of course, even recreational aviators requiring refueling of light sport aircraft, for example, can take advantage of this application.
These are just a few applications we have found useful no matter what your aviation experience may be.

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