Copa Arlines Review by Skytrax

3 Star Airline (3/5)

Sumary Ranking
Business Class 4/5
Economy Class  3/5

Airport Services

Check-In Service - Business Class 4/5
Check-In Service - Economy Class 3/5
Transfer Services - Business Class 3/5
Transfer Services - Economy Class 3/5
Arrival Services 3/5
Business Class Lounge - product facilities 4/5
Business Class lounge - staff service 3/5

Onboard Features
Cabin Safety Procedures 4/5
Inflight Entertainment 3/5
Amenities, Blankets, Pillows, Towels etc 3/5
Airline Magazine, Newspapers & other mags 3/5

Cabin Seat Confort
Business Class 4/5
Economy Class 3/5

Onboard Catering
Business Class meals 4/5
Economy Class meals 3/5

Cabin Staff Service
Business Class - service efficiency 4/5
Business Class - staff attitude & frendliness 4/5
Economy Class - service efficiency 3/5
Economy Class - staff attitude & frendliness 4/5
Responding to Passenger requests 3/5
Cabin presence through flights 3/5
Assisting Parents with children 4/5
Staff Language skills 3/5

About Skytrax: 

SKYTRAX is a world recognised brand associated with air travel excellence in the 21st century, providing unique expertise to the world airline and airport industry through the most professional Audit and Service Benchmarking programmes of Product and Service Quality.
For over 21 years, Skytrax have provided a trusted and proven format of quality analysis to the air transport industry worldwide, and our quality programmes are widely used as the key competitive performance and benchmarking tool for the airline and airport industry.

Skytrax have worked for airlines and airports across every continent - more than 215 airlines and 75 airports have benefited from our research and advisory services, and the high levels of client loyalty and repeat business are testament to the dedicated service that we provide to each and every customer.

Source: Skytrax


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