Mysterious Agwagon

Recently I acquired some Cessna Agwagon photos that were apparently taken in the 1960s.
The quality is not great, but they do fill in some gaps.
However, I am a bit stumped by this one

If you look closely, you can see that it apparently carries the registration ZK-COR on the tail.
This poses a bit of a problem.
Back in '66, Agwagons were allotted registrations ZK-CON thru ZK-COT, but ZK-COR was not allotted. At that time, 'R' was not permitted as a last letter in a NZ registration in case of confusion during radio communication.
So this aircraft cannot be ZK-COR.
Location of the photo does look to be at Ardmore, where the bulk of the first Agwagon batch were assembled by Rex Aviation.
Maybe ZK-COR was painted on in the Cessna factory and then changed here in NZ after assembly?
If so, which registration did this aircraft then become?

ZK-COR was of course eventually allotted to the FG-1D Corsair in 2006, after the rules were changed.


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