Record July for Croatia Airlines

Croatia Airlines popular in 2011
In July Croatia Airlines carried 227.791 passengers, the most it has ever done so in a single month. The number is an improvement of 16% compared to July 2010. Furthermore, the airline carried 4.200 passengers more this July than during the same month in 2008, when the airline set its annual passenger record, which it looks to beat this year. In the first 7 months of 2011, Croatia Airlines welcomed 1.065.913 passengers, an 18% increase on last year. The figures also represent the highest number of passengers the airline has carried in the first 7 months of the year since it began operations back in 1991. The average cabin load factor stands at 65.6%, an increase of 6.4%.

However, the airline’s losses are also extremely high. So far this year Croatia Airlines has made a loss of 13.4 million Euros. The airline blames high fuel prices for the loss. It also argues that its financial performance has somewhat improved compared to last year.

Many Croatian airports have also set passenger records in July. More on this in the monthly Croatian airport review later on in the month.


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