Two strangers at Rangiora today. 03-08-2011.

 Parked in Stew Bufton's as yet unfinished hangar was the Eamond and Heleen Johnston Cessnsa 180A ZK-JMH (c/n 3281) [JMH = Johnston Motors Haast]. This airframe arrived in NZ to become ZK-OWZ (ours) on 16-10-1995 with Ski Hi Tandem Skydive until purchased by the Johnston's on 02-08-2005. Its registration was changed to JMH on 22-09-2006.
Over from Alexandra and parked at "The Landing Spot" was the Tecnam P96 Golf 100 ZK-RLS (c/n 218). Imported new for Roger L Sparks (hence RLS registration) it was listed on 25-09-2002. It moved over to the Sparks Family Trust on 10-05-2005.


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